本书在京东购买地址:https://item.jd.com/31178047689.html 本书Q群:389329264 (一)这是一本什么书 如果只把本书当作纯粹介绍Android插件化技术的书籍,那就大错特错了。 本书在研究Android插件化之余,还详细介绍了Android系统的底层知识,包Read More
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一些常识: 1)全书70个代码例子中,涉及到插件的例子,请先assemble插件的项目,这会在HostApp项目中生成assets目录,并在该目录下plugin1.apk。这样,HostApp才能正常运行。 2)本书基于Android6.0(API level 23)的源码进行分析,本书的代码在AnRead More
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(十)PMS及App安装过程 PMS,全称PackageManagerService,是用来获取Apk包的信息的。 在前面分析四大组件与AMS通信的时候,我们介绍过,AMS总是会使用PMS加载包的信息,将其封装在LoadedApk这个类对象中,然后我们就可以从中取出在manifest声明的四大组件信Read More
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这个系列一共8篇文章,这里是第7篇,我们讲ContentProvider。Read More
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这个系列一共8篇文章,这里是第6篇,我们讲BroadcastReceiver。Read More
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(十)Service Service有两套流程,一套是启动流程,另一套是绑定流程。我们做App开发的同学都应该知道。 1)在新进程启动Service 我们先看Service启动过程,假设要启动的Service是在一个新的进程中,分为5个阶段: 1)App向AMS发送一个启动Service的消息。 2Read More
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(八)App内部的页面跳转 在介绍完App的启动流程后,我们发现,其实就是启动一个App的首页。 接下来我们看App内部页面的跳转。 从ActivityA跳转到ActivityB,其实可以把ActivityA看作是Launcher,那么这个跳转过程,和App的启动过程就很像了。 有了前面的分析基础,Read More
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书接上文,App启动一共有七个阶段,上篇文章篇幅所限,我们只看了第一阶段,接下来讲剩余的六个阶段,仍然是拿斗鱼App举例子。Read More
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本文讲解一个App启动的过程。我们尽量不贴代码多画图,用浅显易懂的语言,让大家理解Activity与AMS通信的过程。Read More
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这是一组写给App开发人员看的系列文章,先后介绍了Binder、AIDL、四大组件、AMS、PMS等核心思想,以及App安装流程、App启动流程。因为面向的读者是App开发人员,所以尽量不贴底层的代码,用浅显易懂的语言,为读者展现一个全新的世界。Read More
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(一)以下是Android课程列表: 1. Android App企业级开发实战 2. Android插件化技术 3. Android与设计模式 4. Android ReactNative入门和提高 5. Android新技术入门和提高(RxJava、Retrofit、MVVM、MVP、注解编程等Read More
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  古者富贵而名灭,不可胜记,唯倜傥非常之人称焉。故西伯拘而演《周易》,屈原放逐,乃赋《离骚》。文人雅士一次次的谱写着千古绝唱,而我亦不能免俗,也要附庸风雅,写一部前不见古人、后不见来者的经典之作。 于是,历时一年,呕心沥血,结合自身3年来从事App领域的一线实战经验,写下这洋洋洒洒三百多页十几万字。初稿完成后,杜勇帮我介绍了机械工业出版社的吴怡老师,促成了这本书的出版。临近出版之际,约到了周鸿祎和刘江、屠毅敏等人的序言,为本书增色不少。Read More
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第1章源码: 1.1 重新规划Android项目结构 1.1.zip 1.2 为Activity定义新的生命周期 1.2.zip 1.3 统一事件编程模型 1.3.zip 1.4 实体化编程 1.4.zip 1.5 Adapter模板 1.5.zip 1.6 类型安全转换函数 ...Read More
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接下来要说的一个系列,是一个完整的App应用所需要的企业级框架设计,是我这2年来在无线客户端这个领域摸爬滚打的,总结沉淀的心得体会,中途吃了很多亏,走过很多弯路,加了很多班,一次又一次的重构,不断的学习,才知道,哦,原来iOS要这么做,原来Android要那么做,然后回过头来再看看我最熟悉的WP,哦,原来WP还可以做的更好。2年间,我还接手了MobileAPI的维护,从而让客户端和服务器端的配合更顺畅,中途还发明了几个好用的工具,从服务器端到客户端这条路我打通了。再然后,我还碰了碰tcp+protobuf,WP8的项目就是基于此开发的。此外,我还打通了另一条路,那就是前端设计人员和客户端开发人Read More
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Now it is time to resolve the issue left in chapter 8, when there are no obstructions between the distinction and original place, the sprite still use A* algorithm to find path, rather than moving bet...Read More
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I introduced how to create map in the game in the previous chapters. The difficulty is the implementation inside the map, such as obstructions. Let me introduce another method to implement obstruction...Read More
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I introduce map presentation in the previous chapters. In general, it is enough to simple games; but we need to spend more energy on the map to simulate real world and achieve more realistic effect. T...Read More
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Now it is time to introduce how to integrate A* Algorithm into the sprite’s 2D animation. If you follow my tutorial from the beginning, you will find it is easy. First, I must introduce a new co...Read More
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In the last chapter, I introduce A* algorithm, so the object can find the shortest path itself, I print the path array on the canvas. This chapter I will animate the object to pass through the path ar...Read More
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From this chapter, I will introduce map engine, it refer to 2 aspects, as follows: 1) Implementation the map. Including map’s splitting, composing and rendering style. 2) Implementation the obje...Read More
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The mobile technology has become more and more mature, and it has evolved from a ridiculous situation in 2012 to now. For the Chinese engineers, we are more concerned about such a few points, ho...Read More
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Since plug-in will be replaced by RN as following years, what is the future of plug-in? the answer is virtual machine technology. Some engineers already have experience of installing a virt...Read More
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In Android, Activity, Service, ContentProvider, and BroadcastReceiver are called as four major components. Do all four components need convert to plug-ins? Over the years, I have been worki...Read More
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Android plug-in is in full swing in China, why is it silent in foreign countries? The applications of those unicorns in Silicon Valley did not find plug-in. On the one hand, foreigners...Read More
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In 2015, React Native (RN) was born. At that time, few people paid attention to it because it was still immature with even few basic controls. Then, with the iteration of the RN project, the fun...Read More
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Once upon a time, we once thought naively that Android plug-in was intended to add new features or add a complete module. It took a lot of time and effort. After the project was implemented...Read More
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In July 27, 2012 , it was the first milestone in Android plug-in technology. Yimin Tu(mmin18 on Github), who worked for dianping.com , released the first Android plug-in open source project——And...Read More
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When Android programmers write new features, bugs, or even crashes will exits in their App. Once a traveling App has a bug, which will cause the user can not to put an order. With the crash...Read More
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A game center, such as Lianzhong in China, supports hundreds of games such as Chess, Bridges, and Texas hold 'em poker. The game platform is made of all games which have hundreds of megabytes. I...Read More
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This chapter introduces the simplest plug-in solution that are applicable to the four major components. This solution involves the following aspects:1) Combine the dex of all plugins to solve the prob...Read More
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