1.8 Double-Opening and Virtual Machine

      Since plug-in will be replaced by RN as following years, what is the future of plug-in? the answer is virtual machine technology.

      Some engineers already have experience of installing a virtual machine on a PC. As long as the computer's memory is large enough, you can open multiple virtual machines at the same time. On each virtual machine, install QQ software, log in with a different account, and then chat with yourself. Of course, chat with yourself is doesn’t make any sense.

      Can it also support installing one or more virtual machines on an Android system? Someone in China is already doing such work, as what I known, the one who is a high school student ——Lody, when this book is written, he should be already a college student. He has a very famous open source project VirtualApp. This project is in commercial operation now; the other is Yong Zhang, the author of DroidPlugin, he is now full-time entrepreneurs to do this, based on the DroidPlugin, developed a lightning box, you can quickly load a variety of apk through it.

      With such a virtual machine system, we can open two QQ application with different account on the phone and chat with ourselves.

      The multiple instances technology that opens an app at the same time called Double-Opening. Some mobile phone systems in China now support double-opening technology. You can see this option in the settings of the Android phone.

      Regarding to the technology of double-opening and virtual machines, there is only a brief about them. After all, it is out of this book scope.

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