1.7 All components require plug-in?

      In Android, Activity, Service, ContentProvider, and BroadcastReceiver are called as four major components.

      Do all four components need convert to plug-ins? Over the years, I have been working on plug-in technology with this question.

      Several companies I worked for are OTA (Online Travelling) industry. This kind of app is similar to e-commerce, including a complete set of payment processes, Activity is used mostly, two or three hundred of Activities are not surprising, and Service and Receiver rarely used, ContentProvider is not in use.

      Most apps in China are like this.

      According to the technology stack, the App industry is divided into:

      ● Game App. People have their own online update process. Many of them use scripts like Lua.

      ● Mobile assistants, mobile phone guards, and the use of such applications for Service, Receiver, and ContentProvider. Therefore, the plug-in of the four major components must be implemented.

      ● Music, video, and live video applications are very dependent on Service and Receiver, in addition to more activities.

      ● The e-commerce, social, news, and reading apps are basically Activities. The use of other three major components is not enough, and only the support for Activity and Service plug-ins can be considered.

      We should rely on the app’s reliance on the four major components to select the corresponding plug-in technology. The four major components all implement plug-in, of course, that is the best; but if the App is mainly made of Activity, then the static proxy “That” framework is actually enough.

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