Chapter 1: Plug-in programing from past to the future

      It is the best time. Although the internal API of Android not allowed to be modified by google play, but in China, we download App in the domestic markets, and Google Play is rarely used. The major application markets are allow this. Therefore, each major companies of domestic internet industry has their own plug-in frameworks. With this open environment, we can do many things with Android plug-in framework.

     It is the worst time. With the popularity of plug-in technology in China, for the interviews with major internet companies, plug-in technology will be general topic to be asked about. It is difficult for the Android developers not to be familiar with ‘reflection’ and ‘newProxyInstance’, but to master the principles of ‘ClassLoader’ and ‘Resources’.

     1.1 What is the plug-in?

     1.2 Why need pluggable?

     1.3 History of Android Plug-in Programing

     1.4 The usage of plug-in

     1.5 A better alternative thing: React Native

     1.6 Why only in China?

     1.7 All components require plug-in?

     1.8 Double-Opening and Virtual Machine

     1.9 From Native to HTML5  



     In this chapter, we review the history of Android plug-in technology which is basically divided into two parts, static agents and dynamic replacement. All plug-in frameworks are based on them. After the history review, you will find that plug-in technology is not accomplished at one stroke, and it has also experienced a process of gradual improvement from scratch.

     Plug-in technology is not only used to fix bugs and dynamically release new features. In the process of researching plug-in technology, we have developed the Android virtual machine and double-opening technology. This is a new technology area that can get rid of the Android native system limitation, and run the app more faster.

     React Native is also mentioned, which also fixes bugs and dynamically releases new features, similar to Android plug-in technology. Which technology to be selected depends on whether the R&D team is based on H5 or Android, and depends on whether it will released to Google Play.


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