1.5 A better alternative thing: React Native

      In 2015, React Native (RN) was born. At that time, few people paid attention to it because it was still immature with even few basic controls. Then, with the iteration of the RN project, the functions became more and more perfect. Although there has not been a release version 1.0 so far, we are delighted to find that it is the plug-in technology of Android and iOS.

      Different person has different thinking.

      When we put a lot of energy to study how to modify with the Android operation system source codes, they are taking another roadmap, it is to do the mapping, so that each control in Android or iOS, can find the corresponding control in the RN.

      The RN is written based on JavaScript, packaged and put on the server for Android and iOS apps to download and use.

      What makes RN better than Android plugins is that it also supports iOS, which maximizes cross-platform implementation. When we thought it was easy to use Android plug-in, and how to release new features to iOS, RN is a better choice.

      For the performance, the difference between these two patterns is not significant. RN is very smooth on iOS and Android. Don't worry about this.

      For small-sized or medium-sized companies and startups, they have no human resources and financial resources to develop a plug-in framework, and generally adopt a relatively stable, open source, and continuous updated plug-in framework in their country. However, it seems that iOS has no technical framework, especially after the JsPatch hot fix was forbidden by the AppStore. Their best choice is RN. Once the JavaScript is recruited, it will be able to quickly iterate and release. I do the code programming before, and do training now, there are hundreds of companies in China, including large state-owned enterprises, second-tier, third-tier Internet companies, and traditional industries. Found that 90% of companies in the country are in such situation: the demand for RN is far greater than Android plug-in technology.

      For about RN, there are already some books available. This book mainly introduces Android plug-in technology. This section shows some points that Android plug-in is not as good as RN.

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