1.2 Why need pluggable?

      When Android programmers write new features, bugs, or even crashes will exits in their App.

      Once a traveling App has a bug, which will cause the user can not to put an order. With the crash, the user even can not get the order page. When such happens, we have to fix these issues as fast as we can, and re-publish to all kinds of Android market, it has been too late, the loss of business in every second, this is why use the Android plug-in programing to fix such issues. Users do not need to download full App again, and the updated versions of plug-in can be enjoyed in several minutes.

      On the other hand, if we want to expand the market and compete with others, the sooner the new feature released, the higher rate of the coverage of market and user. If you publish a new release to the Android market frequently, the user will be annoyed. If the release cycle is fixed to half a month, which will lead to a long backlogs of new features, half a month later, the competitor may also release the same features. At such situation, if there is a plug-in technology support, once the new feature can be finished, the use will use it immediately, it is a best way for competition.

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