The mobile technology has become more and more mature, and it has evolved from a ridiculous situation in 2012 to now. For the Chinese engineers, we are more concerned about such a few points, ho... Read More
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Since plug-in will be replaced by RN as following years, what is the future of plug-in? the answer is virtual machine technology. Some engineers already have experience of installing a virt... Read More
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In Android, Activity, Service, ContentProvider, and BroadcastReceiver are called as four major components. Do all four components need convert to plug-ins? Over the years, I have been worki... Read More
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Android plug-in is in full swing in China, why is it silent in foreign countries? The applications of those unicorns in Silicon Valley did not find plug-in. On the one hand, foreigners... Read More
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In 2015, React Native (RN) was born. At that time, few people paid attention to it because it was still immature with even few basic controls. Then, with the iteration of the RN project, the fun... Read More
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Once upon a time, we once thought naively that Android plug-in was intended to add new features or add a complete module. It took a lot of time and effort. After the project was implemented... Read More
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In July 27, 2012 , it was the first milestone in Android plug-in technology. Yimin Tu(mmin18 on Github), who worked for , released the first Android plug-in open source project——And... Read More
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When Android programmers write new features, bugs, or even crashes will exits in their App. Once a traveling App has a bug, which will cause the user can not to put an order. With the crash... Read More
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A game center, such as Lianzhong in China, supports hundreds of games such as Chess, Bridges, and Texas hold 'em poker. The game platform is made of all games which have hundreds of megabytes. I... Read More
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This chapter introduces the simplest plug-in solution that are applicable to the four major components. This solution involves the following aspects:1) Combine the dex of all plugins to solve the prob... Read More
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Activity and resource are like twin brothers. And so if the activity need to be solve in Plug-In completely, you will have to face how to use the resource in it. In this chapter, we start with loading... Read More
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It is the best time. Although the internal API of Android not allowed to be modified by google play, but in China, we download App in the domestic mar Read More
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