LeetCode Questions List (LeetCode 问题列表)- Java Solutions



 # Title Category Difficulty
 1528  Shuffle String  Algorithms  Easy
 1502  Can Make Arithmetic Progression From Sequence  Algorithms  Easy
 1491  Average Salary Excluding the Minimum and Maximum Salary  Algorithms  Easy
 1370  Increasing Decreasing String  Algorithms  Easy
 1356  Sort Integers by The Number of 1 Bits  Algorithms  Easy
 1221  Split a String in Balanced Strings  Algorithms  Easy
 1219  Path with Maximum Gold  Algorithms  Easy
 1122  Relative Sort Array  Algorithms  Easy
 1108  Defanging an IP Address  Algorithms  Easy
 1103  Distribute Candies to People  Algorithms  Easy
 1047  Remove All Adjacent Duplicates In String  Algorithms  Easy
 1046  Last Stone Weight  Algorithms  Easy
 1041  Robot Bounded In Circle  Algorithms  Medium
 1037  Valid Boomerang  Algorithms  Easy
 1029  Two City Scheduling  Algorithms  Easy
 1021  Remove Outermost Parentheses  Algorithms  Easy
 1019  Next Greater Node In Linked List  Algorithms  Medium
 1005  Maximize Sum Of Array After K Negations  Algorithms  Easy 
 1002  Find Common Characters  Algorithms  Easy
 977  Squares of a Sorted Array  Algorithms  Easy
 976  Largest Perimeter Triangle  Algorithms  Easy
 970  Powerful Integers  Algorithms  Easy
 961  N-Repeated Element in Size 2N Array  Algorithms  Easy
 953  Verifying an Alien Dictionary  Algorithms  Easy
 941  Valid Mountain Array  Algorithms  Easy
 939  Minimum Area Rectangle  Algorithms  Medium
 937  Reorder Data in Log Files  Algorithms  Easy
 929  Unique Email Addresses  Algorithms  Easy
 926  Flip String to Monotone Increasing  Algorithms  Medium
 922  Sort Array By Parity II  Algorithms  Easy
 917  Reverse Only Letters  Algorithms  Easy
 893  Groups of Special-Equivalent Strings  Algorithms  Easy
 876  Middle of the Linked List  Algorithms  Easy
 860  Lemonade Change  Algorithms  Easy
 852  Peak Index in a Mountain Array  Algorithms  Easy
 844  Backspace String Compare  Algorithms  Easy
 824  Goat Latin  Algorithms  Easy
 819  Most Common Word  Algorithms  Easy
 817  Linked List Components  Algorithms  Medium
 811  Subdomain Visit Count  Algorithms  Easy
 804  Unique Morse Code Words  Algorithms  Easy
 788  Rotated Digits  Algorithms  Easy
 784  Letter Case Permutation  Algorithms  Easy
 781  Rabbits in Forest  Algorithms  Medium
 771  Jewels and Stones  Algorithms  Easy
 746  Min Cost Climbing Stairs  Algorithms  Easy
 744  Find Smallest Letter Greater Than Target  Algorithms  Easy
 739  Daily Temperatures  Algorithms  Medium
 728  Self Dividing Numbers  Algorithms  Easy
 725  Split Linked List in Parts  Algorithms  Medium
 722  Remove Comments  Algorithms  Medium
 720  Longest Word in Dictionary  Algorithms  Easy
 709  To Lower Case  Algorithms  Easy
 707  Design Linked List  Algorithms  Easy
 704  Binary Search  Algorithms  Easy
 706  Design HashMap  Algorithms  Easy
 705  Design HashSet  Algorithms  Easy
 698  Partition to K Equal Sum Subsets  Algorithms  Medium
 697  Degree of an Array  Algorithms  Easy
 695  Max Area of Island  Algorithms  Easy
 690  Employee Importance  Algorithms  Easy
 680  Valid Palindrome II   Algorithms  Easy
 674  Longest Continuous Increasing Subsequence  Algorithms  Easy
 665  Non-decreasing Array  Algorithms  Easy
 661  Image Smoother  Algorithms  Easy
 657  Judge Route Circle  Algorithms  Easy
 648  Replace Words  Algorithms  Medium
 645  Set Mismatch  Algorithms   Easy
 643  Maximum Average Subarray I   Algorithms  Easy
 633  Sum of Square Numbers  Algorithms  Easy
 628  Maximum Product of Three Numbers  Algorithms  Easy
 627  Swap Salary  Database  Easy
 624  Maximum Distance in Arrays $  Algorithms  Easy
 620  Not Boring Movies  Database  Easy
 617  Merge Two Binary Trees  Algorithms  Easy
 606  Construct String from Binary Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 605  Can Place Flowers  Algorithms  Easy
 604  Design Compressed String Iterator $  Algorithms  Easy
 599  Minimum Index Sum of Two Lists  Algorithms  Easy
 598  Range Addition II  Algorithms  Easy
 596  Classes More Than 5 Students  Database  Easy
 595  Big Countries  Database  Easy
 594  Longest Harmonious Subsequence  Algorithms  Easy
 581  Shortest Unsorted Continuous Subarray  Algorithms  Easy
 575  Distribute Candies  Algorithms  Easy
 572  Subtree of Another Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 566  Reshape the Matrix  Algorithms  Easy
 563  Binary Tree Tilt  Algorithms  Easy
 562  Longest Line of Consecutive One in Matrix $  Algorithms  Medium
 561  Array Partition I  Algorithms  Easy
 560  Subarray Sum Equals K  Algorithms  Medium
 557  Reverse Words in a String III  Algorithms  Easy
 551  Student Attendance Record I  Algorithms  Easy
 548  Split Array with Equal Sum $  Algorithms  Medium
 543  Diameter of Binary Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 541  Reverse String II  Algorithms  Easy
 538  Convert BST to Greater Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 533  Lonely Pixel II $  Algorithms  Medium
 532  K-diff Pairs in an Array  Algorithms  Easy
 531  Lonely Pixel I $  Algorithms  Medium
 530  Minimum Absolute Difference in BST  Algorithms  Easy
 524  Longest Word in Dictionary through Deleting  Algorithms  Medium
 507  Perfect Number  Algorithms  Easy
 501  Find Mode in Binary Search Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 500  Keyboard Row  Algorithms  Easy
 495  Teemo Attacking  Algorithms  Medium
 485  Max Consecutive Ones  Algorithms  Easy
 476  Number Complement  Algorithms  Easy
 463  Island Perimeter  Algorithms  Easy
 461  Hamming Distance  Algorithms  Easy
 455  Assign Cookies  Algorithms  Easy
 453  Minimum Moves to Equal Array Elements  Algorithms  Easy
 451  Sort Characters By Frequency  Algorithms  Medium
 448  Find All Numbers Disappeared in an Array  Algorithms  Easy
 447  Number of Boomerangs  Algorithms  Easy
 445  Add Two Numbers II  Algorithms  Medium
 443  String Compression  Algorithms  Easy
 442  Find All Duplicates in an Array  Algorithms  Medium
 441  Arranging Coins  Algorithms  Easy
 438  Find All Anagrams in a String  Algorithms  Easy
 437  Path Sum III  Algorithms  Easy
 415  Add Strings  Algorithms  Easy
 414  Third Maximum Number  Algorithms  Easy
 409  Longest Palindrome  Algorithms  Easy
 405  Convert a Number to Hexadecimal  Algorithms  Easy
 404  Sum of Left Leaves  Algorithms  Easy
 400  Nth Digit  Algorithms  Easy
 392  Is Subsequence  Algorithms  Easy
 389  Find the Difference  Algorithms  Easy
 387  First Unique Character in a String  Algorithms  Easy
 381  Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) - Duplicates allowed  Algorithms  Hard
 380  Insert Delete GetRandom O(1)  Algorithms  Medium
 371  Sum of Two Integers  Algorithms  Easy
 370  Range Addition $  Algorithms   Medium
 367  Valid Perfect Square  Algorithms  Easy
 359  Logger Rate Limiter $  Algorithms   Easy
 350  Intersection of Two Arrays II  Algorithms  Easy
 349  Intersection of Two Arrays  Algorithms  Easy
 347  Top K Frequent Elements  Algorithms  Medium
 346  Moving Average from Data Stream $  Algorithms  Easy
 344  Reverse String  Algorithms  Easy
 342  Power of Four  Algorithms  Easy
 339  Nested List Weight Sum $  Algorithms  Easy
 326  Power of Three  Algorithms  Easy
 292  Nim Game  Algorithms  Easy
 290  Word Pattern  Algorithms  Easy
 289  Game of Life  Algorithms   Medium
 287  Find the Duplicate Number  Algorithms  Medium
 283  Move Zeroes  Algorithms  Easy
 280  Wiggle Sort $  Algorithms  Medium
 277  Find the Celebrity $  Algorithms  Medium
 268  Missing Number  Algorithms  Easy
 266  Palindrome Permutation $  Algorithms  Easy
 263  Ugly Number  Algorithms  Easy
 259  3Sum Smaller $  Algorithms  Medium
 258  Add Digits  Algorithms  Easy
 257  Binary Tree Paths  Algorithms  Easy
 252  Meeting Rooms $  Algorithms  Easy
 249  Group Shifted Strings $  Algorithms  Medium
 246  Strobogrammatic Number $  Algorithms  Easy
 245  Shortest Word Distance III $  Algorithms  Medium
 243  Shortest Word Distance $  Algorithms  Easy
 242  Valid Anagram  Algorithms  Easy
 238  Product of Array Except Self  Algorithms  Medium
 237  Delete Node in a Linked List  Algorithms  Easy
 235  Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 234  Palindrome Linked List  Algorithms  Easy
 231  Power of Two  Algorithms  Easy
 229  Majority Element II  Algorithms  Medium
 228  Summary Ranges  Algorithms  Medium
 226  Invert Binary Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 219  Contains Duplicate II  Algorithms  Easy
 217  Contains Duplicate  Algorithms  Easy
 216  Combination Sum III  Algorithms  Medium
 209  Minimum Size Subarray Sum  Algorithms  Medium
 206  Reverse Linked List  Algorithms  Easy
 205  Isomorphic Strings  Algorithms  Easy
 204  Count Primes  Algorithms  Easy
 203  Remove Linked List Elements  Algorithms  Easy
 202  Happy Number  Algorithms  Easy
 197  Rising Temperature  Database  Easy
 196  Delete Duplicate Emails  Database  Easy
 191  Number of 1 bits  Algorithms  Easy
 190  Reverse Bits  Algorithms  Easy
 189  Rotate Array  Algorithms  Easy
 183  Custoers Who Never Order  Database  Easy
 182  Duplicate Emails  Database  Easy
 181  Employees Earning More Than Their Managers  Database  Easy
 179  Largest Number  Algorithms  Medium
 176  Second Highest Salary  Database  Easy
 175  Combine Two Tables  Database  Easy
 172  Factorial Trailing Zeroes  Algorithms  Easy
 171  Excel Sheet Column Number  Algorithms  Easy
 170  Two Sum III - Data structure design $  Algorithms  Easy
 169  Majority Element      Algorithms  Easy
 168  Excel Sheet Column Title  Algorithms  Easy
 167  Two Sum II - Input array is sorted  Algorithms  Easy
 163  Missing Ranges $  Algorithms  Medium
 162  Find Peak Element  Algorithms  Medium
 160  Intersection of Two Linked Lists  Algorithms  Easy
 153  Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array  Algorithms  Medium
 152  Maximum Product Subarray  Algorithms  Medium
 150  Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation  Algorithms  Medium
 147  Insertion Sort List  Algorithms  Medium
 141  Linked List Cycle  Algorithms  Easy
 136  Single Number  Algorithms  Easy
 125  Valid Palindrome  Algorithms  Easy
 122  Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock II  Algorithms  Easy
 121  Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock  Algorithms  Easy 
 120  Triangle  Algorithms  Medium
 119  Pascal's Triangle II  Algorithms  Easy
 118  Pascal's Triangle  Algorithms  Easy
 112  Path Sum  Algorithms  Easy
 111  Minimum Depth of Binary Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 110  Balanced Binary Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 108  Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 107  Binary Tree Level Order Traversal II  Algorithms  Easy
 106  Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder Traversal  Algorithms  Medium
 105  Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder Traversal  Algorithms  Medium
 104  Maximum Depth of Binary Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 101  Symmetric Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 100  Same Tree  Algorithms  Easy
 90  Subsets II  Algorithms  Medium
 88  Merge Sorted Array  Algorithms  Easy
 83  Remove Duplicates from Sorted List  Algorithms  Easy
 81  Search in Rotated Sorted Array II  Algorithms  Medium
 80  Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array II   Algorithms  Medium
 79  Word Search  Algorithms  Medium
 78  Subsets  Algorithms  Medium
 77  Combinations  Algorithms  Medium
 75  Sort Colors  Algorithms  Medium
 74  Search a 2D Matrix  Algorithms  Medium
 73  Set Matrix Zeroes  Algorithms  Medium
 69  Sqrt(x)  Algorithms  Easy
 67  Add Binary  Algorithms  Easy
 66  Plus One  Algorithms  Easy
 64  Minimum Path Sum  Algorithms  Medium
 63  Unique Paths II  Algorithms  Medium
 62  Unique Paths  Algorithms  Medium
 59  Spiral Matrix II  Algorithms  Medium
 56  Merge Intervals  Algorithms  Medium
 55  Jump Game  Algorithms  Medium
 54  Spiral Matrix  Algorithms  Medium
 53  Maximum Subarray  Algorithms  Easy
 48  Rotate Image  Algorithms  Medium
 47  Permutation II  Algorithms  Medium
 46  Permutation  Algorithms  Medium
 40  Combination Sum II  Algorithms  Medium
 39  Combination Sum  Algorithms  Medium
 35  Search Insert Position  Algorithms  Easy
 34  Search for a Range  Algorithms  Medium
 33  Search in Rotated Sorted Array  Algorithms  Medium
 31  Next Permutation  Algorithms  Medium
 27  Remove Element  Algorithms  Easy
 26  Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array  Algorithms  Easy
 24  Swap Nodes in Pairs  Algorithms  Medium
 22  Generate Parentheses  Algorithms  Medium
 21  Merge Two Sorted Lists  Algorithms  Easy
 18  4Sum  Algorithms  Medium
 17  Letter Combinations of a Phone Number  Algorithms  Medium
 16  3Sum Closest  Algorithms  Medium
 15  3Sum  Algorithms  Medium
 11  Container With Most Water  Algorithms  Medium
 9  Palindrome Number  Algorithms  Easy
 8  String to Integer (atoi)  Algorithms  Medium
 7  Reverse Integer  Algorithms  Easy
 2  Add Two Numbers  Algorithms  Medium
 1  Two Sum  Algorithms  Easy




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