make capslock+hjkl as arrows

Solution 2 (probably better)

I was happy with solution 1, until I realized I couldn't use the key bindings in IntelliJ, which is a big bummer. Eventually I figured out that I could just use xmodmap and xcape to do the job, while still being able to use them in IntelliJ!

  • Step 1 (mapping caps_lock + hjkl): Create a file (say "~/.xmodmap") with the following content:
keycode 66 = Mode_switch
keysym h = h H Left
keysym l = l L Right
keysym k = k K Up
keysym j = j J Down
keysym u = u U Prior
keysym i = i I Home
keysym o = o O End
keysym p = p P Next

Feel free to skip the last 4 lines. I pasted them because they might be useful to you as well. In fact I'm really hoping to get the caps_lock enhancement working in Linux.

Then, run xmodmap ~/.xmodmap.

  • Step 2 (caps_lock as escape): Run xcape -e 'Mode_switch=Escape'.

  • Step 3 (optional): To avoid manually applying the keybindings, put the above 2 commands into your /etc/profile.

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