2、增加构建步骤:Execute shell 或 Execute Windows batch command




变量名 解释
BUILD_NUMBER The current build number, such as "153"
BUILD_ID The current build ID, identical to BUILD_NUMBER for builds created in 1.597+, but a YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss timestamp for older builds
BUILD_DISPLAY_NAME The display name of the current build, which is something like "#153" by default.
JOB_NAME Name of the project of this build, such as "foo" or "foo/bar". (To strip off folder paths from a Bourne shell script, try: ${JOB_NAME##*/})
BUILD_TAG String of "jenkins-${JOB_NAME}-${BUILD_NUMBER}". Convenient to put into a resource file, a jar file, etc for easier identification.
EXECUTOR_NUMBER The unique number that identifies the current executor (among executors of the same machine) that’s carrying out this build. This is the number you see in the "build executor status", except that the number starts from 0, not 1.
NODE_NAME Name of the slave if the build is on a slave, or "master" if run on master
NODE_LABELS Whitespace-separated list of labels that the node is assigned.
WORKSPACE The absolute path of the directory assigned to the build as a workspace.
JENKINS_HOME The absolute path of the directory assigned on the master node for Jenkins to store data.
JENKINS_URL Full URL of Jenkins, like http://server:port/jenkins/ (note: only available if Jenkins URL set in system configuration)
BUILD_URL Full URL of this build, like http://server:port/jenkins/job/foo/15/ (Jenkins URL must be set)
SVN_REVISION Subversion revision number that's currently checked out to the workspace, such as "12345"
SVN_URL Subversion URL that's currently checked out to the workspace.
JOB_URL Full URL of this job, like http://server:port/jenkins/job/foo/ (Jenkins URL must be set)



1、在Execute shell 或 Execute Windows batch command文本框中使用,使用方法:%变量名%,如下图



  1、添加如下第4行代码:<property environment="env"/>


 1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 3 <project name="ant-test" default="run" basedir=".">
 4     <property environment="env"/>
 6     <target name="clean">
 7         <mkdir dir="${env.WORKSPACE}/results/${env.BUILD_ID}" />
 8     </target>
10 </project>


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