GoldenGate 2020.7 发布新特性 -


支持从PostgreSQL 10及以上版本的数据抽取(从ogg11.2开始,已经支持向PostgreSQL投递)

PostgreSQL enhanced to provide Extract support for PostgreSQL version 10 and above.

This allows for the same heterogeneous replication that is common for all Oracle GoldenGate supported platforms, and you can replicate from PostgreSQL to Oracle. See the Using Oracle GoldenGate for Heterogeneous Databases to know more about supported features and requriements..

SSL support for PostgreSQL

Enhanced Oracle GoldenGate to enable configuring one-way and two-way SSL to connect to the database using GGSCI, Extract, Replicat and other processes.

Support MONEY datatype for all locales

Enhanced support for MONEY datatype for all locales.

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL support

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL remote capture and delivery is supported.

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL remote capture and delivery is supported.

Remote capture and delivery support

Remote capture and delivery is supported for all PostgreSQL versions.

Interval data type support

Support for interval data type in capture and delivery.

Heartbeat support

Heartbeat support for PostgreSQL.


Support for wildcardresolve dynamic is available.

NLS globalization support for object names in PostgreSQL capture

Capture and delivery supports globalization of object names and column data.

Extract should capture the records after positioning by time is issued (BEGIN NOW)

Extract supports positioning by TIMESTAMP EOF, LSN, and START.

Bidirectional loop detection and support

PostgreSQL supports bidirectional replication including various bidirectional filtering parameters (GETREPLICATES, IGNOREREPLICATES , GETAPPLOPS).


PostgreSQL supports managing of secondary truncation point.

Handling the unsupported data types

Handling of unsupported datatypes.

Change Data Capture and Initial Load Support

Change Data Capture and initial load is supported by PostgreSQL capture.


MariaDB 10.4 Support

Local or remote capture and delivery are now supported for MariaDB 10.4.

Amazon RDS support for MariaDB

Amazon RDS for MariaDB for remote capture and delivery is now supported.

SQL Server

Amazon RDS for SQL Server is supported

Remote capture and delivery is now supported for Amazon RDS for SQL Server.


Support Delivery to Teradata 17.0

Delivery to Teradata 17.0 is supported.

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