Node.js Web 开发框架大全《静态文件服务器篇》

  这篇文章与大家分享优秀的 Node.js 静态服务器模块。Node 是一个服务器端 JavaScript 解释器,它将改变服务器应该如何工作的概念。它的目标是帮助程序员构建高度可伸缩的应用程序,编写能够处理数万条同时连接到一个(只有一个)物理机的连接代码。



  • antinode — A simple static web server
  • bastard — Automatic minification, in-memory cache, automatic fingerprinting.
  • buffet — Performance-oriented static file server & middleware
  • connect — Connect's static() middleware provides flexible, high-performance, feature-rich static file serving
  • crud-file-server — Static file server supporting basic create, read, update, & delete for any kind of file
  • dirlist - A simple & old school directory listing module. Inspired by Apache's mod_autoindex.
  • fastworks - Fastworks' static file module uses Lactate and supports Less and Javascript compilers/compressors
  • Lactate — An exceedingly fast & simple static assets handler, with a few electives.
  • navajo - A simple web server with the ability to run PHP or Node code as well as serve static files (alpha)
  • Nitrode — A lightweight, super fast HTTP 1.1 with internal JS API
  • node-paperboy — A node.js module for delivering static files
  • node-static — A simple, rfc 2616-compliant static file server module with built-in caching
  • nodetoy — Static JSON file server that supports GET, POST and DELETE
  • nserve — A local development server, allowing for adjustable file transfer rate, mock web services and live reload.
  • oui — Web service server with great static files support
  • send — Connect's robust static file server extracted for general use, supports range requests, conditional-GETs etc
  • static-resource - Static resource handling for node.js
  • static - Static file handler using asynchronous streaming as JSGI middleware
  • statify — A static file server to make any directory available via HTTP from the command line.
  • Trailer — Everyone's favorite backend.
  • wup — A simple web server for quick tests. Install via npm install -g wup, start with wup, go to http://localhost:8080/.
  • wns — WNS provides a powerful and fast static file server.
  • guaycuru - a simple static web server built on top of node-simple-router




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