Node.js Web 开发框架大全《路由篇》

  这篇文章与大家分享优秀的 Node.js 路由(Routers)模块。Node 是一个服务器端 JavaScript 解释器,它将改变服务器应该如何工作的概念。它的目标是帮助程序员构建高度可伸缩的应用程序,编写能够处理数万条同时连接到一个(只有一个)物理机的连接代码。




  • barista — A fast, flexible URL router & generator, similar to Rails / merb (repo)
  • beeline — A laughably simplistic router for node.js
  • biggie-router — Router for the biggie framework. Inspired by Sinatra and JQuery.
  • Birbal — Pretty darn simple and clever router. Work underway to turn into a microframework!
  • choreographer — Your server is my stage — dirt simple URL routing for Node.js. Easy to use, easy to understand. Sinatra-style API.
  • clutch — no-frills web request router, supporting nested routes, regexp parameters
  • connect-route — Simple and fast router for Connect
  • connect-router — connect/express router
  • connect — Robust high performance middleware framework
  • copperhead — Connect compatible router middleware that supports content negotiation
  • crossroads — Powerful and Flexible routing library, works on the client-side as well and have support for advanced features.
  • dispatch — Regular expression URL dispatcher for Connect
  • escort — High-performance, advanced routing and URL generation
  • fastworks - High performance middleware framework with built in routing and Connect compatibility
  • filter-chain — Java ServletFilter style request chaining
  • journey — liberal JSON-only HTTP request router
  • middler — A middleware runner which can itself function as middleware, with routing
  • node-flask-router — Flask-inspired routing system
  • node-router — Simple Sinatra-like http server based on fu.js from the original node-chat demo.
  • node.routes.js — A simple url router
  • nozzle — web app/service framework
  • rainbow - Rainbow mapping all HTTP request route to controllers folder each as path to file as URL. And supporting Java-like filter/interceptor before handling requests. (For Express)
  • Route66 — Routing middleware for Connect 2.0. Request params, simple syntax.
  • router — A simple router with regex and sinatra like parameter support
  • sherpa — HTTP router/generator with support for regex and parameters
  • tower-router — Minimal router with matching client-side version.
  • wns — WNS provides a full routing system totally intuitive
  • dispatchington - trie-based URL and method matching and connect/express middleware based on routington
  • routington - trie-based URL routing definitions and matching
  • node-simple-router - yet another minimalistic router




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