Currently, we are converting our  application to  .net 2.0.  Then I am getting an error with remoting... simply because Soap Serializer does not support serializing Generic Types...
and here is ms answer: "
That is correct. We have decided not to invest in any significant new feature work for the SoapFormatter in Whidbey."

So what I have to do is changing our soap serializer formatter to binary serializer formatter using a config like this,
                BinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider serverProv = new BinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider();
                BinaryClientFormatterSinkProvider clientProv = new BinaryClientFormatterSinkProvider();

                serverProv.TypeFilterLevel = System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.TypeFilterLevel.Full;

                IDictionary props = new Hashtable();
                props["port"] = 0;
                props["TypeFilterLevel"] = "Full";

                HttpChannel chan = new HttpChannel(props, clientProv, serverProv);  
                ChannelServices.RegisterChannel( chan );

But it is only part of the solution.. Unfortunately, I am using event call back, so it is working for client to submit the generic list data to serve. And when the server try to publish the data change to other subscribed event. "I am still getting a soapformatter not support error"

The original post in msdn forum with more codes are here

It seems no answer yet.. :(