How to implement AOP in .net

I did some research on the AOP, just want to share the info. There are three types
of realization. Let's look up currently how the AOP project implement them.

1. Use reflection emit, we can dynamicly create the proxy object and emit an inherit
class with the interceptor class called. Mostly of current so called AOP for .net
using this type of implementation.
Examples: Castle

2. Use CodeDom to generate the code to complete the static weave process.
However, microsoft doesn't provide an CodeDom parse implementation. There are some
parser for C#, but not mature or quite hard to use. And they have to be in the source code
level. Also CodeDom is a good concept but with many limitation.
Exmples: EOS (no source released but only the research thesis)

3. I reckon this is the best solution at this time. RAIL is a microsoft funded project
to allow you directly modify IL codes, which means you don't need a parser, and not in
the source code level, you can directly load the assembly and modify it.
you definitely should download and check it yourself...
Examples: AspectDNG

It is actually quite disappointing. There are some aop .net implementations, but really
there is no one ready to use and mature like AspectJ... what a shame...

I also implemented a micro dynamic proxy example for demonstration,  if you interested, I may write another
document about how to make dynamic proxy with Reflection.Emit

here are the web sites you should take a look: -- castle -- aspectC# -- parser -- CSharp parser for CodeDom -- RAIL (Runtime Assembly Instrumenation Library) -- EOS project -- AspectDNG