asp.net控件前缀规范(Prefix guideline of controls)

(The following were from network, and edited by myself. Thanks in advance for your advice)
Sorted By Control Sorted By Prefix
Control Prefix Prefix Control
AccessDataSource ads adr,adrt AdRotator
Adrotator adr,adrt ads AccessDataSource
BulletedList bltl bltl BulletedList
Button btn btn Button
Calender cal cal Calender
ChangePassword cpw cbl,chkl CheckBoxList
Checkbox chk chk Checkbox
CheckBoxList cbl,chkl cpw ChangePassword
CompareValidator valc cuw CreateUserWizard
CreateUserWizard cuw ddl DropDownList
CustomValidator valx dg,dtg DataGrid
DataGrid dg,dtg dtl,dlst DataList
DataList dtl,dlst dtv DetailsView
DetailsView dtv fmv FormView
DropDownList ddl fup FileUpload
FileUpload fup gdv GridView
FormView fmv hdn HiddenField
GridView gdv hlk,lnk Hyperlink
HiddenField hdn imb,ibtn ImageButton
Hyperlink hlk,lnk img Image
Image img imgm ImageMap
ImageButton imb,ibtn lbl Label
ImageMap imgm lbtn LinkButton
Label lbl lcl Localize
LinkButton lbtn lg Login
ListBox lst lgn LoginName
Literal ltr lgs LoginStatus
Localize lcl lgv LoginView
Login lg lst ListBox
LoginName lgn ltr Literal
LoginStatus lgs mds SiteMapDataSource
LoginView lgv mltv MultiView
Menu mnu mnu Menu
MultiView mltv ods ObjectDataSource
ObjectDataSource ods plh,phd PlaceHolder
Panel pnl pnl Panel
PasswordRecovery psr psr PasswordRecovery
PlaceHolder plh,phd rbl,radl RadioButtonList
RadioButton rdo,rad rdo,rad RadioButton
RadioButtonList rbl,radl rep,rpt Repeater
RangeValidator valg rpv ReportViewer
RegularExpression vale sbtt Substitution
Repeater rep,rpt sds SqlDataSource
ReportViewer rpv smp SiteMapPath
RequiredFieldValidator valr tbl Table
SiteMapDataSource mds tblc TableCell
SiteMapPath smp tblr TableRow
SqlDataSource sds trv TreeView
Substitution sbtt txt TextBox
Table tbl val Validators
TableCell tblc valc CompareValidator
TableRow tblr vale RegularExpression
TextBox txt valg RangeValidator
TreeView trv valr RequiredFieldValidator
ValidationSummary vals vals ValidationSummary
Validators val valx CustomValidator
View view view View
Wizard wzd wzd Wizard
XML xmlc xds XmlDataSource
XmlDataSource xds xmlc XML
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