这个dll本身依赖于第三方的控件,SlimDX ,可以从 http://slimdx.org/ 下载。  .net4.0的版本区分x86和x64



我们通常说帧数,简单地说,就是在1秒钟时间里传输的图片的帧数,也可以理解为图形处理器每秒钟能够刷新几次,通常用fps(Frames Per Second)表示。

每一帧都是静止的图象,快速连续地显示帧便形成了运动的假象。高的帧率可以得到更流畅、更逼真的动画。每秒钟帧数 (fps) 愈多,所显示的动作就会愈流畅。

namespace Steema.TeeChart.Drawing.Direct2D


    public class Graphics3DDirect2D : Graphics3D, IDirect2D





private Steema.TeeChart.TChart tChart;

tChart = new Steema.TeeChart.TChart();

Graphics3DDirect2D D2D = new Graphics3DDirect2D(tChart.Chart);

tChart.Graphics3D = D2D;//Graphics3D属性

tChart.Graphics3D.BufferStyle = BufferStyle.None;  //此处无需打开双缓冲,仅GD+的时候需要打开


If you require a feature that we haven't added to the standard TeeChart properties and methods then, with almost unlimited flexibility, you can add it yourself using the TeeChart Custom draw Canvas methods.

Custom draw permits you to output your own objects and text to the Chart panel associating them with runtime variables and Chart conditions.

These could take the form of hints on passing a mouse over a data Series object or a message triggered by a threshold exceeded. The Custom Canvas also supports a variety of 3D objects. 

These objects are available from the instances of the Graphics3D class passed to events such as the AfterDraw event.

For more information on drawing to the TeeChart Canvas please see "Tutorial 13 - Custom drawing on the Chart Panel" .



threshold exceeded  超出阈值

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