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posted @ 2006-06-17 01:22 choral 阅读(691) 评论(1) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:我觉得,Tech-Ed要是3天或4天就完美了。开这么多天觉得像回到了中学时代:)这几天听SharePoint快听吐了…………-=1=- OFC326 - Enterprise Search Technical Drilldown in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007这个Session介绍了MOSS中的搜... 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-06-16 22:31 choral 阅读(452) 评论(1) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:-=1=- OFC216 - Using the Web Content Management Features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to Build Great Looking Sites -=2=- OFC320 - Infrastructure Topics in SharePoint Products and Technologies: Administrative Architecture and Planning for Deployment -=3=- OFC417 - Infrastructure Topics in SharePoint Products and Technologies: Deployment and Advanced Administration Topics -=4=- OFC321 - Connecting Portals to Line-of-Business Data with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Serv 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-06-15 11:50 choral 阅读(1021) 评论(1) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:-=1=- OFC406 - Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Development 2: ASP.NET, Web Parts, Master Pages, Field Types, and More -=2=- OFC308 - Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Development: Using Feature and Solution Definitions for Constructing Custom SharePoint Sites -=3=-OFC309 - The 2007 Microsoft Office System: Developer Model for the New User Interface -=4=-OFC312 - Developing Workflows for the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) -= 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-06-14 12:31 choral 阅读(930) 评论(0) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:今天,正式的breaksession开始了。 My Schedule: -=1=- OFC218 - Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007: Office Integration and Collaboration Scenarios -=2=- Ajaxian Webparts dev on SharePoint -=3=-WSSv3与OSS2007 Overview -=4=-OFC303 - Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Development 1: Working with Content Types, Field Types, and Other Facilities for SharePoint Lists and Libraries 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-06-13 13:16 choral 阅读(1504) 评论(0) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:我和李辉住在Hotel Marlowe,离会场(Boston会展中心)很近。接送大巴15分钟一趟,十分方便。上午注册,领了书包和狗牌。书包里内容丰富,包括SharePointV3的DVD和O12的光碟,以及LonghornServer等等。在Conference Store买了件Geek T-Shirt,然后定制了后面几天的课程安排。下午没有Session,于是逛了一下街。Boston很漂亮,我们... 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-06-12 20:10 choral 阅读(1236) 评论(6) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:波士顿罗根机场里已经挂满了宣传画,大巴专线也已就绪。c u tmr :) 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-06-11 10:27 choral 阅读(191) 评论(0) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:1、就算你在沉默地Coding如筛砂,你也要心怀高尔夫球般的梦想…………技术人员转型秘笈2、使用ASP.NET 2.0 client callback特性创建支持AJAX的WebPart 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-05-26 22:45 choral 阅读(444) 评论(2) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:SharePoint Server 2007: Software Development Kit SharePoint Services V3: Software... 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-05-24 01:21 choral 阅读(301) 评论(0) 推荐(0) 编辑


摘要:不说废话了,首先,我参考了Muller的这篇文章:,guid,a34071a0-ad27-44c7-aa78-3f956d6f920e.aspx做法也基本照抄:1、打开VS2005,新建工程(Class Library)2、引用System.Web,Microsoft.SharePoint.dll,并将当前开发的类继承自... 阅读全文
posted @ 2006-05-19 23:12 choral 阅读(1831) 评论(3) 推荐(0) 编辑