Salesforce for sales managers学习笔记

1 Lead and opportunity management.

1.1 lead lifecycle

如果Lead qualified, then to opportunity, account and contact.

Lead来自比如Trade shows, marketing campaigns, referrals and other.

Lead can be entered by Manually and API.

1.2 assign lead



1.3 tracking

可以在Lead里去track actitive.

1.4 team lead and opp.



在report里可以看lead status report, 并且筛选Show: My team's lead.


也可以根据report type新创建report。

1.5 Transfer lead and opp

介绍了如果老用户离职,那么最好是transfer,不要让新用户继续用老用户的账号。deactive old user and create new user, then transfer.


check with admin

export and import


2 Reporting

2.1 create basic sales report


2.2 create report by salesperson

基于report type创建report。

2.3 create report by teams

从report type去创建,不要的字段可以去掉。然后保存到团队folder。

2.4 create dashboard



2.5 view sales pipeline with dashboard



3 products and price book

3.1 how they are used

Product - any item or service: defined in price books, listed under opp.

Price book - a list of products: may include retail, technology etc, listed under opp.

Price book是一个单独的tab。

从opp下可以choose price book。

然后制定price book: retail price book or standard.

在opp下添加product,然后指定quantity, sales price等信息。

3.2 how to setup price book

创建price book, 然后add product。

3.3 setup a product

New button to create a product, then add price.

Then select price book, then add list price.


4 Forecasting

4.1 how are forecast used.

Allow sales cycle from pipeline to closed sales.

Manage sales expectations with individuals, teams and management.

Where it from?

  • Show the sum of a set of opportunities.

Forecast is a TAB.

Forecast setting: forecast type, enable forecast (manager and owner)adjustments.

4.2 View and adjust forecast.

Adjust forecast value with note.

4.3 View quotas in forecast

In Forecast setup, to get "Show Quotas" enabled, then back to Forecast, Quotas is shows as a column.


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