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摘要: 因为以前有过在没有任何备份的情况下,报表服务器的电脑硬件出故障而导致所有报表手动还原的痛苦经历,所以一直以来都想找个安稳的方法预防突发的情况。在网上看到了以下一些文章Reporting Services 安装的备份和还原操作将报表服务器数据库移至另一台计算机如何创建完整数据库备份 (Transact-SQL)奇怪的是我找不到有了这些备份数据后,怎么还原的方法。看来只有自己试了按照上面的有关步骤,备...阅读全文
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摘要: I am fond of watching cartoon “Hua TianShao Nian Shi”. It is about a boy named Yi Lu who can communicate with ghosts.This cartoon has perfect paintingtechnique, funny characters and involv...阅读全文
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摘要: 1, Reporting Services(SQL2005,下面简称RS)中的格式化数值字段对我来说一直是个问题,因为如果使用系统自带的格式化符号g或者D0,都无法把后面的小数点去掉。奇怪的是g和D0按照说明都是用来去掉所有小数点的,但是既然功能是一样,为什么会有两个符号呢?后来查书,发现可以使用.,可以完美的去掉小数点。兴奋啊。果然书中自有黄金屋啊。2,还是RS,这个是因为有人问我怎么设定矩阵中...阅读全文
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摘要: Yesterdaywas a bed day because I found my office computer has been affected by virus. The anti-virus software endlessly admonished me that my computer is attacked by virus. Besidesmany strange message...阅读全文
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摘要: Idiscover that I spend more and more time in getting on theinternet. I realize that theinternet is a good thing. I can expediently get theworld’s information on it. I can also look up answers by...阅读全文
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摘要: Recently, I have read some books written byXu Xiao ping who is a famous adviser of study abroad.Hisbooks shared many ideas of entrance exams for postgraduate schools and studyabroad.After read many st...阅读全文
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摘要: This morning, I feel very sleepy. My eyes shutpractically when I stare the screen. It happens very often recently. I don’tknow why as I don’t sleep late. Maybe it has something to do with ...阅读全文
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摘要: SUMMARYThis article describes various methods that you canuse to simulate a cursor-like FETCH-NEXT logic in a stored procedure,trigger, or Transact-SQL batch. Use Transact-SQL Statements to Iterate Th...阅读全文
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摘要: 如果你正在负责一个基于SQL Server的项目,或者你刚刚接触SQL Server,你都有可能要面临一些数据库性能的问题,这篇文章会为你提供一些有用的指导(其中大多数也可以用于其它的DBMS)。在这里,我不打算介绍使用SQL Server的窍门,也不能提供一个包治百病的方案,我所做的是总结一些经验----关于如何形成一个好的设计。这些经验来自我过去几年中经受的教训,一直来,我看到许多同样的设计错...阅读全文
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摘要: Recently, I have read something about life goal. Onepoint which impressed me is that self-regard. It means thelife goal should be paying more attention to thethings that make you more fortunate and mo...阅读全文
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