Recently, I have read some books written by Xu Xiao ping who is a famous adviser of study abroad.His books shared many ideas of entrance exams for postgraduate schools and study abroad.

After read many storys of those books, I find that there are three steps which are common to resolve those questions. The first step is to find out the industry you want to service. The second is to find a job in the best company in this industry and try you best to be the best of the company. After you are the top in that industry, it’s time for you to apply a higher educational level in abroad famous university.

It is easy to find that Mr. Xu pays more attention to the step two which would spend more time and energy. The writer also indicates that the person who takes step two has been successful in his career regardless of whether he takes step three. My question is how those who can’t be top in their industry can do; after all, the best is the lease.

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