win10 磁盘占用高--- 禁用用户改善反馈 CompatTelRunner.exe




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You can disable the scheduled tasks that starts CompatTelTunner.exe by looking in the Task Scheduler.
Computer Management – System Tools – Task Schedule Library – Microsoft – Windows – Application Experience
Start - Run - taskschd.msc
Name: Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser
Location: \Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience
Collects program telemetry information if opted-in to the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.
Right click on “Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser” and select “Disable” By default, it is set to start if there is ANY network connection.

The executable is located here: C:\Windows\System32\CompatTelRunner.ex

You may also want to look at the following:
Customer Experience Improvement Program states

    If the user has consented to participate in the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program, this job collects and sends usage data to Microsoft. However, it is set to run even if opted out


同步主机session和服务主机 unistack服务组哪个是最具决定性的了,因为我都关掉了懒得再试了……

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