Viewpoints 1.0 for Visual Studio .NET 2008

ViewPoints使用Visual Studio .NET 2008的DSL功能来生成应用程序。以下是它的首页说明。


Why spend all of your time writing the same code over and over again when you can capture the rules visually and simply generate the code you require for your applications? Why not use your valuable time to focus on what really matters to your organization – innovation?

Viewpoints is designed to change the nature of application development by allowing development teams to focus on capturing business knowledge in reusable, connected visual models and then use those models to generate a large amount of the code required for their applications. This approach enables development teams to focus their time on creating complex, innovative business logic instead of writing the low-value, repetitive code required for basic application functionality.

Key Features

Business-driven Modeling

Viewpoints enables software development teams to visually capture business rules using business domain models, without indicating any implied technology implementation details such as database primary keys or software framework operations and properties.

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Viewpoint-based Modeling

Not all aspects of a business can be captured in a single visual model. As a result, Viewpoints offers a number of models, each of which represents a single viewpoint of the entire solution.

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Distributed Modeling

Viewpoints is designed to accommodate the needs of both small and large software development teams through use of distributed modeling techniques.

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Model-driven Transformation

Viewpoints is a model-to-code transformation system, which means that the Viewpoints models are the primary software development artifacts used to generate the functional code.

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Template-driven Code Generation

Viewpoints is based on the idea that you want to generate your code, your way. As a result, Viewpoints utilizes customizable, template-driven, code generation Transform Templates that enable you to define how you would like to transform the Viewpoints models into functional code.

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