Use the Github

(1) Download and install by default option 


(2) Find “Git bash” in the Start menu, then there will be a window similar to the command-line


(3)Set your own username and mailbox, by input at the commend line.


(4)Create a repository—D:/SPMproject, we’d better wound not use Chinese to create a directory name.


The result:


(5)Initialize to put this directory into a git repository, so that can manage it.


After that, we can see a folder--.git


(6)Add file to the repository

①use the command “git add …” to add the file to the staging area

②use the command “git commit…” to tell Git submit it to the repository

  Can write some description after “-m”


(7)Use the command “git status” to grasp the current state of the repository



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