linux overcommit flag

linux中有一个overcomit的配置,这个配置关系到进程在过多申请memory资源的时候,系统的表现(启发式允许,不检查,or 阻止)

       This file contains the kernel virtual memory accounting mode.
       Values are:

              0: heuristic overcommit (this is the default)
              1: always overcommit, never check
              2: always check, never overcommit

       In mode 0, calls of mmap(2) with MAP_NORESERVE are not
       checked, and the default check is very weak, leading to the
       risk of getting a process "OOM-killed".

       In mode 2 (available since Linux 2.6), the total virtual
       address space that can be allocated (CommitLimit in /proc/mem‐
       info) is calculated as

           CommitLimit = (total_RAM - total_huge_TLB) *
                         overcommit_ratio / 100 + total_swap


在实际项目中,如果机器是跑redis的一般都会把overcomit开成1 (

Short answer: echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory :)


根本原因是进程申请了这么多memory,实际不一定占用这么多memory,而且物理内存页的分配发生在使用的瞬间,而不是在申请的瞬间。所以我们可以允许系统overcommit,满足进程申请,可以通过cgroup memory来限制用户使用内存的上限。

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