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Python 计算两个IP段之间的有效IP地址

Can anyone think of an algorithm to put all of the addresses between two others and put them in a list (using python)? For example:

findIPs('', '')

Should return ('', '', '', ''). My main problem arises from when corresponding blocks are identical otherwise I could just use nested for loops with the range function


    from ipaddress import ip_address
except ImportError:
    from ipaddr import IPAddress as ip_address

def findIPs(start, end):
    start = ip_address(start)
    end = ip_address(end)
    result = []
    while start <= end:
        start += 1
    return result

print(findIPs('', ''))



import struct
import socket

def findIPs(start, end):
    ipstruct = struct.Struct('>I')
    start, = ipstruct.unpack(socket.inet_aton(start))
    end, = ipstruct.unpack(socket.inet_aton(end))
    return [socket.inet_ntoa(ipstruct.pack(i)) for i in range(start, end+1)]

print(findIPs('', ''))



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