accept 接受 I accepted her birthday gift.
act 表演;举止 Jackie Chen acts in the film.
add 添加 Please add some water to the bottle.
agree 同意 I agree with you.
allow 允许 Mother allows me to go out.
answer 回答 Can you answer my question?
appear 出现;似乎 A problem appeared.
arrive 到达 We arrived in the afternoon.
ask 问 He asked a question.
avoid 避免 Please avoid making mistakes.
be 是;正在;被 We are students. She is sleeping. They were killed.
become 变成,变得 It becomes warm.
begin 开始 Class begins at 9.
believe 相信 I believe you.
break 打破 He broke the class.
bring 带来 Please bring your book tomorrow.
build 建造 We will build a house.
burn 燃烧 The fire is burning.
buy 买 What do you want to buy?
call 打电话,叫,喊 I will call you in the morning.
can 能 Can you swim?
carry 搬,携带 Please carry the desk to the door.
catch 抓 The boy caught a bird.
change 变化 Everything changes.
check 核对 Please check your email.
choose 选择 Which book will you choose?
clean 打扫 clean the room
close 关闭 Close the door, please.
come 来 Come in, please.
cost 花费 It cost me 5 yuan.
consider 考虑 I am considering a visit to you.
contain 包含 It contains 5 pages.
continue 继续 We will continue to work.
control 控制 Can you control yourself?
could 能 She could do that.
cover 覆盖 The snow covered the flowers.
cry 哭 Don’t cry!
cut 切 He cut his finger while cooking.
deal 处理;交易 I will deal with it.
decide 决定 We decided to go.
describe 描述 Can you describe your room?
design 设计 We designed the cover of the book.
develop 发展 China is developing very quickly.
die 死 You will die here.
discover 发现 He discovered the first man.
discuss 讨论 We are discussing the plan.
do 做 What do you do?
draw 画;拉 She is drawing a picture. Draw the desk.
dream 做梦 He is dreaming.
drink 喝 What do you want to drink?
drive 驾驶 Can you drive?
drop 丢下,滴 Please drop it on the floor.
eat 吃 How much do you eat?
end 结束 The meeting ended.
enjoy 享受,喜欢 He enjoys music.
enter 进入 Please enter the room.
expect 期望 I expect you to come.
explain 解释 Can you explain it to me?
fail 失败,不及格 He failed in the exam.
fall 下降;跌倒 The raining is falling.
feel 感觉 Do you feel happy?
fight 打架;战斗 They are fighting for food.
fill 填充,填满 Please fill the bottle with milk.
find 找到 Find out the person.
finish 完成 We have finished it.
fly 飞 Birds can fly.
follow 跟随,跟踪 Please follow me.
forget 忘记 Don’t forget it.
get 得到,到达 The workers get their money every week.
give 给 Give it to me.
go 去 go to work
grow 增长,种植,成长 The number is growing. Grow trees. You have grown up.
guess 猜测 Guess my age.
hang 挂,吊 Hang your clothes there.
happen 发生 What happened?
have 有,吃喝玩乐;一直,已经;使,让 Have a book. I have lived here since 1990. have your hair cut
hear 听见 Can you hear me?
help 帮助 help you with your English
hit 打,撞 He hit his car into a tree.
hold 抓住;容纳 hold the ball. The room can hold 500 people.
hope 希望 I hope you can come.
hurt 伤害,疼 You hurt me. My head hurts.
improve 提高 improve our lives
include 包含,包括 The book includes 10 parts.
increase 增加 The number is increasing.
join 加入 Please join us to go to the part.
keep 保持,保存 Clothes keep us warm. I will keep the money for my son.
kill 杀 kill the bird
know 知道 Do you know me?
laugh 笑 He laughed at me.
lay 放置;产卵 Please lay the book on the desk.
lead 代领,领导 He is leading the team.
learn 学习 learn English
leave 离开 Close the door before you leave.
let 让 Let me have a look.
lie 说谎;躺,位于 He is lying. Being lies in the north of China.
like 喜欢 Do you like it?
listen 听 listen to music
live 居住 live here
look 看 look at me
lose 输,失去 We will lose the game. I lost me key.
love 爱 I love you.
make 制作 make a cake for you
may 可能,可以 He may come tomorrow.
mean 意思是;意味着 What do you mean?
meet 见面 We meet everyday.
might 也许 It might rain tomorrow.
miss 思念;错过 I miss you very much. We missed the train.
move 移动 Don’t move.
must 必须;肯定 You must work hard.
need 需要 We need you.
occur 发生 What occurred to you?
offer 提供 The company offered me a job.
open 打开 Open the door.
pass 通过 pass the exam.
pay 付钱 I will pay for the food.
perform 表演 They are performing in Beijing.
pick 挑,捡 Pick up your bag.
plan 计划 They plan to go.
play 玩儿 play football
point 指(向) He pointed at me.
prepare 准备 We are preparing for the exam.
prefer 更喜欢 I prefer apples to oranges.
produce 生产 They produce 1,000 cars last week.
protect 保护 The glasses will protect your eyes.
prove 证明 It proves to be right.
provide 提供 Can you provide some jobs to us?
pull 拉 Pull the door.
push 推 push the door
put 放,放置 put it here
raise 提高;养(动物、家等);抬高 raise your hands. Raise animals. Raise family
reach 到达 We reached in the morning.
read 读 Can you read in English?
realize 意识到;实现 We realized we were wrong. Realize your dream.
receive 收到 I received a letter from her.
reduce 减少,降低 We should reduce the price.
remain 仍然 It remains to be seen. 有待观察。
remember 记得 Do you remember me?
remove 移除,除掉 Remove your enemies.
report 报告 You report to me.
require 要求 You are required to finish it.
return 归还,回来 return the book to the library. He will return next week.
rise 上升 The sun rises in the east.
ride 骑,乘车 ride a bike/horse
ring 打电话;响铃,敲钟 I will ring you tomorrow. The bell rings.
run 跑 run away
save 挽救;保存 save my life; save water
say 说 What did you say?
see 看到 Can you see me?
seem 似乎 It seems you are wrong.
sell 卖 She sells flowers.
send 送,发送 send a letter
serve 提供 serve food
set 设置 set the time
shake 摇,震 shake hands with me
shoot 射击 He shoot at the bird.
should 应该 You should go.
show 给……看,表演 Show me the way.
shut 关闭,关 shut the window
sing 唱歌 sing a song.
sit 坐 Sit down, please.
sleep 睡眠 I can’t sleep.
smell 闻,闻起来 The food smells delicious.
sound 听起来 It sounds good.
speak 讲话,说 Can you speak Japanese?
spend 花费 I spent 5 yuan on the book.
stand 站立 Stand up!
start 开始 The film started.
stay 待在……,住在 stay at home
steal 偷 The thief stole my bag.
stop 停止 Stop talking.
study 学习 study English
suggest 建议 What do you suggest?
support 支持 I support you.
swim 游泳 Can you swim?
take 带走;花费 Take the book home.
talk 交谈,说话 We are talking about him.
teach 教 I teach English.
tell 告诉,讲(故事) Tell me a story.
thank 感谢 Thank you.
think 想 I think you are right.
throw 扔 Throw a stone at the dog.
treat 治疗;对待 The doctor is treating him.
try 尝试,努力 I’ll try my best to do it.
turn 旋转 He turned around and talked to me.
understand 理解,明白 Do you understand me?
use 使用 Can you use a computer?
visit 拜访,参观 I will visit you.
wait 等 Please wait for me.
walk 走路 We walk in the garden everyday.
want 想 What do you want to buy?
watch 观看,欣赏 They are watching the moon.
wash 洗 Please wash your hands.
wear 穿 What are you wearing?
will 将会,将要 I will tell you.
win 赢 They win the game.
work 工作 I work in Beijing.
worry 担心 I am worrying about you.
would 将会 Would you like to go?
write 写 Write a letter.

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