Visual Studio 2005 Starter Kits Download

    无意中发现几个Visual Studio 2005 Starter Kits下载,包括:

        Windows Starter Kits: 
            Shareware Starter Kit 
            Web Log Analyzer Starter Kit 
            Card Game Starter Kit 
            Amazon-Enabled Movie Collection Starter Kit 
            Mobile Ink To-Do Starter Kit 

        Visual Web Developer Starter Kits:
            Personal Website Starter Kit 
            Time Tracker Starter Kit 
            Club Website Starter Kit 
            PayPal-enabled eCommerce Starter Kit 
            eBay Selling Starter Kit 
            Sample Access Provider Starter Kit    

    以上Starter Kit可以直接点击下载,不需要到上单击每个连接后转到下载页面下载,不过可以到这个页面上看看每个Starter Kit的下载。

    其中Personal Website Starter Kit在Visual Studio .NET 2005安装时可以选择安装。

    Web Log Analyzer Starter Kit:
        The Visual Basic Web Log Analyzer Starter Kit is a Windows Forms application designed to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the ReportViewer control. This application analyzes log files created by Web servers to generate a report that displays information such as the most popular page on a Web site, when the Web server is busiest, and who is referring visitors to the Web site.


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