GPT分区参考 http://www.blogjava.net/haha1903/archive/2011/12/21/366942.html

l  fdisk


[root@localhost ~]# fdisk -l


[root@localhost ~]# fdisk /dev/sdb

Command (m for help): m

Command action

   a   toggle a bootable flag                   设置引导扇区

   b   edit bsd disklabel                       编辑卷标

   c   toggle the dos compatibility flag        切换到DOS兼容标志

   d   delete a partition                       删除一个分区

   l   list known partition types               列出已知分区类型

   m   print this menu                          显示该菜单

   n   add a new partition                      添加一个新分区

   o   create a new empty DOS partition table   创建一个新的空分区表

   p   print the partition table                显示分区表

   q   quit without saving changes              保存不退出

   s   create a new empty Sun disklabel         创建一个空的SUN标识

   t   change a partition's system id           修改分区类型

   u   change display/entry units               更改显示/输入单元

   v   verify the partition table               验证分区表

   w   write table to disk and exit             写入磁盘退出分区程序

   x   extra functionality (experts only)       额外的功能(专家)


Command (m for help): p

Disk /dev/sdb: 214.7 GB, 214748364800 bytes

255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 26108 cylinders

Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes

I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes

Disk identifier: 0x099c4e74


   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System



Command (m for help): n

Command action

   e   extended                     扩展

   p   primary partition (1-4)      主分区


Partition number (1-4): 1

First cylinder (1-26108, default 1):

Using default value 1

Last cylinder, +cylinders or +size{K,M,G} (1-26108, default 26108):

Using default value 26108


Command (m for help): l


 0  Empty           24  NEC DOS         81  Minix / old Lin bf  Solaris       

 1  FAT12           39  Plan 9          82  Linux swap / So c1  DRDOS/sec (FAT-

 2  XENIX root      3c  PartitionMagic  83  Linux           c4  DRDOS/sec (FAT-

 3  XENIX usr       40  Venix 80286     84  OS/2 hidden C:  c6  DRDOS/sec (FAT-

 4  FAT16 <32M      41  PPC PReP Boot   85  Linux extended  c7  Syrinx        

 5  Extended        42  SFS             86  NTFS volume set da  Non-FS data   

 6  FAT16           4d  QNX4.x          87  NTFS volume set db  CP/M / CTOS / .

 7  HPFS/NTFS       4e  QNX4.x 2nd part 88  Linux plaintext de  Dell Utility  

 8  AIX             4f  QNX4.x 3rd part 8e  Linux LVM       df  BootIt        

 9  AIX bootable    50  OnTrack DM      93  Amoeba          e1  DOS access    

 a  OS/2 Boot Manag 51  OnTrack DM6 Aux 94  Amoeba BBT      e3  DOS R/O       

 b  W95 FAT32       52  CP/M            9f  BSD/OS          e4  SpeedStor     

 c  W95 FAT32 (LBA) 53  OnTrack DM6 Aux a0  IBM Thinkpad hi eb  BeOS fs       

 e  W95 FAT16 (LBA) 54  OnTrackDM6      a5  FreeBSD         ee  GPT           

 f  W95 Ext'd (LBA) 55  EZ-Drive        a6  OpenBSD         ef  EFI (FAT-12/16/

10  OPUS            56  Golden Bow      a7  NeXTSTEP        f0  Linux/PA-RISC b

11  Hidden FAT12    5c  Priam Edisk     a8  Darwin UFS      f1  SpeedStor     

12  Compaq diagnost 61  SpeedStor       a9  NetBSD          f4  SpeedStor      

14  Hidden FAT16 <3 63  GNU HURD or Sys ab  Darwin boot     f2  DOS secondary 

16  Hidden FAT16    64  Novell Netware  af  HFS / HFS+      fb  VMware VMFS   

17  Hidden HPFS/NTF 65  Novell Netware  b7  BSDI fs         fc  VMware VMKCORE

18  AST SmartSleep  70  DiskSecure Mult b8  BSDI swap       fd  Linux raid auto

1b  Hidden W95 FAT3 75  PC/IX           bb  Boot Wizard hid fe  LANstep       

1c  Hidden W95 FAT3 80  Old Minix       be  Solaris boot    ff  BBT           

1e  Hidden W95 FAT1


Command (m for help): t

Selected partition 1

Hex code (type L to list codes): 8e

Changed system type of partition 1 to 8e (Linux LVM)


Command (m for help): w


[root@localhost ~]# mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1



[root@localhost ~]# pvcreate /dev/sdb1


[root@localhost ~]# vgcreate vg /dev/sdb1


[root@localhost ~]# vgextend vg /dev/sdb1


[root@localhost ~]# lvcreate -L 200G -n lv_u01 vg


[root@localhost ~]# lvcreate -l 100%free -n lv_u01 vg


[root@localhost ~]# lvextend -L +200G /dev/mapper/vg-lv_u01


[root@localhost ~]# lvextend -l 100%free /dev/mapper/vg-lv_u01


[root@localhost ~]# resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg-lv_u01


[root@localhost /]# mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/vg-lv_u01


[root@localhost ~]# cd /

[root@localhost /]# mkdir /u01

[root@localhost /]# vi /etc/fstab


/dev/mapper/vg-lv_u01   /u01                    ext4    defaults        1 2

[root@localhost /]# mount -a


[root@localhost u01]# fuser -k /u01

[root@localhost u01]# umount /u01

[root@localhost ~]# lvremove /dev/mapper/vg-lv_u01


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