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There is no doubt, Microsoft is going to dominate the operating system market through Windows 7. Who knows where we will be after that. At that point we will likely be looking at some type of open source product, such as Ubuntu?  Maybe even we'll move to our smart phone(s) full time?

毫无疑问,微软准备通过Windows7来主宰操作系统市场。谁知道在这以后会发生什么事情呢。在那时我们可能会关注一些开源的产品,比如Ubuntu? 甚至我们会转向总是使用我们的智能手机呢?

Whatever the case, the Windows operating system still holds dominance on the market. With dominance though, comes much feedback and much modification from the users.


No matter how much you like a certain feature of Windows, there is always someone out there modifying it some way or another. This not only includes some of the integrated features of Windows, such as the Start Menu or Windows Explorer, but also individual applications, such as Notepad and MS Paint.


I have put together a list of the some of the best Windows apps and feature replacements that I could come up with.


  1. Vista Start Menu (Start Menu Alternative)

Vista Start Menu(替代开始菜单)

As confusing as the name is, Vista Start Menu not only gets you a Vista-like Start Menu in Windows XP, but also enhances and improves the Start Menu Interface in Windows Vista.

和它名字一样有点混淆,Vista Start Menu 不仅仅让你的Windows XP拥有仿Vista的开始菜单,而且增强了和改善了Vista中开始菜单的界面。

It adds the ability to tab items, quick access to shutdown options, zoom capabilities and simple shortcuts to search on both the local PC and Google.


Other Alternatives:


* JetStart
* Open Menu+

2. Replace Windows Taskbar with RocketDock


Rocketdock is a Windows taskbar replacement with a Mac-like feel. It's essentially a combination of the quick launch toolbar, the taskbar and desktop widgets, all rolled into one. It looks incredibly futuristic, it has a very smooth feel, and it doesn't eat up a lot of resources.

Rocketdock 是一个感觉很像MAC风格的Windows任务栏替代软件。它本质上是一个快速启动栏、任务栏和桌面工具的组合,把它们集中到一起。它看起来很不可思议,它有着非常平滑的外观,而且也耗费资源也不多。

Other Alternatives:


* Moby Dock
* Object Dock

3. ExploreXP - Windows Explorer Replacement

ExploreXP –Windows资源管理器替代软件

ExplorerXP is a free file manager replacement for Windows Explorer. We've previously written about Windows Explorer alternatives in the past, but I have found ExplorerXP to be a much more stripped down version of some of its competitors, while still giving you everything you need at the same time.

ExplorerXP是一个可以替代Windows资源管理器的免费文件管理器。我们之前已经写过关于 Windows Explorer alternatives 文章。但是我们发现ExplorerXP和其他竞争者相比,是一个更加精简的版本,同时依然提供了所有你需要的功能。

It has built in tab ability, folder sizes, quick access to My Computer, Recycle Bin, My Docs, Desktop, multi rename tool, all running on just 410KB of size.


If you are looking to upgrade Windows Explorer with many must-have add-ons, while continuing to use many of its built-in capability, this is the freeware to get.


Other Alternatives:


* Explorer2 Lite
* Q-Dir
* XPlorer
* FreeCommander
* A43
* UltraExplorer

4. Process Explorer - Task Manager Alternative

Process Explorer –任务管理器替代产品

Process Explorer from Sysinternals is a great Windows task manager alternative to get an in-depth look at all of the running processes on your computer, including where individual executables are located, search capabilities for individual DLLs, plus a much more detailed look at system resources, and where they are being allocated.

来自Sysinternals的Process Explorer 是一个强大的Windows任务管理器替代产品,它可以获得你的电脑上正在运行的所有进程,包括在哪里找到单独的可执行文件,查找单独的dll,以及更加详细的系统资源和它们被分配到哪里。

Other Alternatives:


* What's Running
* Task Manager Extension 2.1
* MKN TaskExplorer

5. Notepad++ : Wordpad / Notepad Replacement

Notepad++:Wordpad / Notepad的替代产品

Notepad++ is a much more comprehensive, in-depth textpad editor, with built-in tab ability for multiple documents, drag and drop support, color print capability, zooming, auto completion, bookmarking, and even macros. It's not your typical plain ole' Windows notepad or wordpad. It's built for code writers and programmers, but used and available to all. Overall, it's a great Notepad replacement for Windows.

Notepad++ 是一个更加全面和强大的textpad编辑器,内建多文档标签、拖放支持、语法高亮【颜色打印能力】、缩放、自动完成、书签,甚至支持宏。它不是你的普通的Windows记事本和写字板。它是为代码编写人员和程序员而开发的,但是任何人都可以得到和使用它。总而言之,它是一个Windows记事本的很好的替代产品。

Other Alternatives:


* Notepad2
* Programmer's Notepad
* PSPad
* MetaPad
* DocPad
* TED Notepad
* AkelPad

6. Defraggler - Faster Replacement for Windows Defragmenter

Defraggler- 更快的Windows磁盘碎片整理器

Defragmenting your hard drive has become an essential part of keeping your computer running at an optimal speed, and keeping your hard drive in tip top shape. It essentially takes all of the separated files on your hard disk, and pieces them back together so that everything just runs smoother.

为了使你的电脑运行在最佳的速度和保持你的硬盘驱动器的tip top shape[这个不知道怎么翻译],整理硬盘驱动器碎片已经成为了最重要的一部分。

Windows, for as far back as I can remember, has always had some type of defrag utility. The problem is that it's never been that good. Fortunately with time, comes faster computers, smarter programmers and a much better interface. Defraggler appears to have all of this rolled into one. It is incredibly easy to use and understand. It has an incredibly nice interface and most important, it's incredibly fast.

在我的记忆中,Windows已经有了好几种碎片整理工具。问题是它从来就没有做好。幸好,随着时间的推移,有了更快的电脑、更聪明的程序员和更好的界面。Defraggler 似乎把所有的这一切合而为一。它是难以置信的容易理解和使用。它还有一个漂亮的让人难以置信的界面,更重要的是它的速度也快的让人难以置信。

Other Alternatives:


* Auslogics
* Contig
* PageDefrag
* Five Programs To Defragment Your PC.

7. LogMeIn Free - Windows Remote Desktop Alternative

LogMeIn Free - Windows 远程桌面的替代品

I was amazed when a co-worker referred me to this website, a couple of years ago. The incredible speed, security and capability sold me from day one. The LogMeIn Free version lacks printing and file transfers, but if you are simply trying to access your home or work computer without ever having to touch a firewall, LogMeIn is the best way to go. From all indications, it sounds like it's the best free alternative to 'GoToMyPC' as well.

几年前,我的同事提到这个网站的时候我非常惊讶。令人难以置信的速度、安全性和功能sold me from day one【不会翻译】。LogMeIn的免费版本缺少打印和文件传送的功能,但是如果您只是视图连接家中或工作的电脑而不会穿越防火墙时,LogMeIn是最佳的方式。各种迹象都表明,听起来就好像LogMeIn是'GoToMyPC'最好的替代品。

Other Alternatives:


* UltraVNC
* TightVNC
* CrossLoop

8. Replace Paint with Gimp


Gimp is quickly becoming a strong competitor to Adobe's Photoshop. It comes bundled with a very similar interface, it has many of the same features as Adobe's massive product, and it has plenty of tutorials via YouTube or blogs, to go along with it.

As far as a replacement for Microsoft's Paint, I don't think it even falls into the same category. However, it is free, and can easily become a full-time replacement for Paint. Keep your eye out for future MakeUseOf tutorials, in regards to Gimp. We had a few Gimp tips already.


至于作为微软的Paint的替代产品,我甚至不认为它们属于一个类别。然而,它是免费的,而且很容易就可以成为Paint的全职替代产品。关于Gimp,你关注未来的MakeUseOf教程。我们已经有几个Gimp 提示 了。

Other Alternatives:

* Paint.NET
* PhotoFiltre

As you can see, there are plenty of alternative options out there for many facets of Microsoft Windows. I didn't dive into the most obvious of items, such as Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer, but I gave a fairly in depth breakdown of many of the free replacment apps available for many different versions of Windows, but specifically for XP and Vista.

正如你看到的,微软Windows的很多方面都有很多的其他选择。我并没有仔细研究最明显的项目,比如Windows Media Player和Internet Explorer,但是我对可用于Windows不同版本的免费的可替换应用程序做了非常深入的分析,但是主要是XP和Vista。


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