Birthday Alert(生日提醒专家)






"Birthday Alert" is a new utilitysoftware to help you easily record the birthdays of families, friends, clientsand others, It reminds you the birthdays .With the "Birthday Alert" ,you can consolidate your social relations. It can not only comprehensivelyrecord personal information, but also allow you make specific arrangements fortheir birthdays by setting a reminder time . The software interface is fresh,vivid and has a high-definition , the reminder is timely and efficient. It’s anessential  assistant for your life andworks.

This version highlights:

1.        Automatic calculate  ages and constellations.

2.        Clear personal groups,including families, relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates, customers, and businesspartners.

3.        Personal information iscomprehensive and complete, including the birthday date, personal photos, personalityremarks, etc., the content can be edited at any time, eliminating the confusionor memory vague worries.

4.        Avatars can be set in 3 types,including by camera, choosing from the album, select from the "RecommendedAvatar Library”, It  provides users withmore choices.

5.        Many types of "RecommendedAvatar”: handsome guy , beauty, cartoon, animal, sexy, star and more, you canset the appropriate picture by their characteristics.

6.        Display the number of left dayswith eye-catching large font.

7.        Set the number of days inadvance for reminder , you can set the reminder time. it also supportbackground reminded ,you will never worry about forgetting their birthdays.

8.        You can bind contacts, supportadd a personal message from the address book .

9.        Many types of blessing andgreeting, including phone calls, send text messages, e-mail; You can fill theremarks to remind yourself to send flowers, buy gifts, prepare  the cake and so on.

10.    The interface style is greenfresh, high-definition ,which gives you comfortable and pleasant experience;

11.    This software can not only helpyou to care for family, friends , make life very touched and happy; can also helpyou to send customers and business partners surprises and blessings. It isdefinitely an  essential  assistant for your life and works.


















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