[PATCH] UBUNTU: SAUCE: (no-up) apparmor: Sync to apparmor3 - RC1(v3.4.x kernel)

ubuntu touch v3.4 kernel AppArmor v3 backport patch





Well, as Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic) has become unsupported, that repository is probably not maintained anymore. I recommend cloning current branch, either 15.04 (Vivid)[1] (actually unsupported now, but still maintained because it's the base for current phone image) or 16.04 (Xenial)[2] repo.

To port AppArmor for your kernel tree, look for the branches for phone image, preferably for similar Linux version or phone chipset/model, and then cherry-pick the commit saying "Sync to apparmor 3 - RC1 snapshot".

You'll also have to cherry-pick the commit that says "binder: search for receiving context pid in global namespace", as it's required for trust-store system.

Note that if your phone's kernel is v3.4 or lower (maybe also some higher version, but I'm not so sure), you'll have to backport Bluetooth stack from newer kernel too. See commit about that in those branches for information.

[1] http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-vivid.git/
[2] http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-xenial.git/


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