ElasticSearch 2 (3) - Breaking Changes

ElasticSearch 2.1.1 (3) - Breaking Changes

Search Changes

search_type = scan Deprecated

GET /my_index/_search?scroll=2m
  	"sort": [

search_type = count Deprecated

GET /my_index/_search
	"aggs": {...},
	"size": 0

from+size limits

Elasticsearch will now return an error message if a query’s from + size is more than the index.max_result_window parameter.

index.max_result_window default 10000

Nested Sorting

To avoid confusion the nested_path should always be specified.

More Like This

MoreLikeThisQueryBuilder#ignoreLike => unlike

MoreLikeThisBuilder#addItem => MoreLikeThisBuilder#addLikeItem

Update changes

Updates now detect_loop by default

We’ve switched the default value of the detect_noop option from false to true. This means that Elasticsearch will ignore updates that don’t change source unless you explicitly set "detect_noop": false. detect_noop was always computationally cheap compared to the expense of the update which can be thought of as a delete operation followed by an index operation.

detect_noop option=false => true

Index API

Optimize API (deprecated)

new Force Merge API

Queue size stats

queue_size : 1k => 1000 (integer)		

Removed features


Forbid changing of thread pool types

dynamically adjusted. X

Depending on the thread pool type, keep_alive, queue_size



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