WPF is dead, Will HTML5+JS be the future of Desktop? What about .NET? Web browser War II?

Windows 8 is the reimagination of the web and the desktop. Now, I have to admit I agree with Microsoft. Yes, WPF is dead, so will SL.

For next generation browser, it will become desktop manager. Every window on screen can be a webpage *content* itself, without things like hwnd(window border, system area) today. Much like a browser that has only client area without window border. Address bar can be integrated to desktop and ultimately became the new taskbar.A web page body can be set to transparent to support non-regular shape window. 4gen and 5gen languages can be support directly in <script> tag. just imagine <script src="util.dll" type="dotNETAssembly/Application"></script>. The default system UI style can be built into browser which can provide a set of pre-defined CSS class. The themes will just be a matter of changing some CSS and the default animation can be done in the same way.

Why does Microsoft choose HTML5? Do you remember the war of web browser back to 90s? Yes. The web browser war II is coming. And the browser is far more important than it was.

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