Find out files transfered via Bluetooth

The case was about business secret and forensic guy did a physical acquisition from a smart phone. He'd like to find out files relates to sensitive data by examining the image file.


A file named "top-secret.docx" draw forensic guy's attention. Bingo there's lots of classified data inside this document.



Where did this files come from? In which way? Who sent this file?  Take a look at the path and you'll know what's going on. This file was transfered via Bluetooth! All three timestamp including the creation time, accessed time and modified time are "2016/05/11 11:01:20 UTC". That means this file "top-secret.docx" was transfered to this volume on the smart phone at local time "2016/05/11 19:01:20". Also we could know the create date/time and the last person who modified this document. The "path" of a file is usually a useful hint to forensic guys.


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