Android Studio无法关联Api23源码-提示Souces for android api 23 platform not found


Decompiled .class file, bytecode version: Souces for android api 23 platform not found

在D:\Android\sdk\sources\android-23明明下载了源码,找了半天,原来是AS的默认配置有问题。最后的解决方法在 StackOverFlow的这个帖子上:

Sources for Android API 23 Platfrom not found (Android Studio 2.0)

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For people facing the same problem, the solution is in this post for Linux and in the same topic here for Windows (thanks to Aamir Abro). Basically you have to edit jdk.table.xml file for API level you are missing. I don't know why, but Android 2.0 and 2.1 RC don't have filled <root type="composite" />in <sourcePath>. I updated sources' path <root type="simple" url="file://D:/android/sdk/sources/android-23" /> and now it works.

Windows file locationC:\Users{USER_NAME}.AndroidStudio2.0\config\options\jdk.table.xml

Linix file location~/Library/Preferences/AndroidStudioBeta/options/jdk.table.xml

 具体操作是:找到jdk.table.xml这个文件,在<sourcePath>节点下添加这一句<root type="simple" url="file://D:/android/sdk/sources/android-23" />


<jdk version="2">
      <name value="Android API 23 Platform" />
      <type value="Android SDK" />
      <homePath value="D:\Android\sdk" />
          <root type="composite">
            <root type="simple" url="jar://$APPLICATION_HOME_DIR$/plugins/android/lib/androidAnnotations.jar!/" />
          <root type="composite">
            <root type="simple" url="jar://D:/Android/sdk/platforms/android-23/android.jar!/" />
            <root type="simple" url="file://D:/Android/sdk/platforms/android-23/data/res" />
          <root type="composite">
            <root type="simple" url="file://D:/Android/sdk/docs/reference" />
          <root type="composite">
            <root type="simple" url="file://D:/Android/sdk/sources/android-23" />
      <additional jdk="1.7" sdk="android-23" />


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