Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival originated very early and has been handed down for more than 2,000 years. The roots of the story trace back to the Spring and Autumn Period, when Qu Yuan, a minister of the Chu Kingdom who had a sorrowful background, expressed his wisdom and mockery of the world's cruelty and injustice through his poetry. He struggled with a bad fate and ultimately chose to throw himself into the river, defending his beloved country in a unique way. Since then, this festival has become a memorial to Qu Yuan, this loyal and valiant man.Naturally, the Dragon Boat Festival, with its special background, has given birth to profound and philosophical customs.
I went home during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.In the morning,Looking at the green bamboo leaves on the ground, I seemed to smell a touch of grass. Beside was a small pot of white glutinous rice, soaked in water, shining jade like light. A pair of old but clean hands were stirring the glutinous rice, and the movement is very gentle.It's my grandma.Although Grandma's eyes are a little fuzzy, when she looked at the zongzi, it seemed that she was looking at her beloved child. When making zongzi, grandma used a white thread to roll bamboo leaves into a cone with one hand, and neatly put glutinous rice with the other hand and plugged in dates. Then, I didn't see how grandma's fingers turned, how to pack, a delicate little triangle dumplings lying quietly in Grandma's hand.
I sat down and made zongzi with my grandma. Next to the steamer been boiling, grandma will put zongzi into the pot. After a while, white water vapor emerged around the lid of the pot, and the fire at the bottom of the pot filled the sweet smell of zongzi. The lid was finally lifted, and the kitchen was immediately filled with water vapor. I can't wait to pinch one, and gently pull the thread. The emerald leaves are filled with grains, soft glutinous rice and red dates. It's very delicious!
"The slender leaves of mugwort, green and lush, herald the deep sentiment of the Dragon Boat Festival."A single bite of soft rice, a burst of laughter, and a deep bond of companionship—all in one mouthful, that's the essence of the Dragon Boat Festival.

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