A Design of OO Framework Repository ()

Framework Definition:

  • an OO framework is defined as a set of related classes and object interactions that models a common behavior adn functionality in certain domain. it is provided in a form of 'semi-completed' application, and serves as a core component of the target application.
  • framework capture the programming expertise necessary to solve problems in particular problem domain.
    it rely on inheritance , dynamic binding, object composition and delegation.
  • a framework defines the behavior of a colection of objects , providing an innovative way to reuse both software designs and code.

Framework Layer.

  • Common Concept layer(CC):contains the common core concept for the problem domain as a whole.
  • Specific Concept layer(SC): consists of  specific classes for each concept.
  • Application layer (AP ): provide the software support for the different kinds aplication .

Framework Elements:

  • Object: which has similar basic attributes, and they are classified into object types
  • Object type: a set of related objects.
  • Categroy: the role that may play within relationship
  • Class: a set of object which have similar attribute and behavior
  • Class List: all classes and objects that are used in a framework
  • Atrribute: a set of values that are used in objects and relationships.
  • Relationship : interaction of the framework elements
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