OpenCASCADE 7.4.0 Released

Open Cascade is pleased to announce a new public release of Open CASCADE Technology (version 7.4.0).

Open CASCADE Technology version 7.4.0 is a minor release which includes more than 500 improvements and corrections over the previous minor release 7.3.0.

New in this version:


  •  Improved robustness, performance and accuracy of BRepMesh algorithm
  •  Options to control linear and angular deflection for interior part of the faces in BRepMesh
  •  Improved robustness and stability of Boolean Operations and Extrema
  •  Enabled Boolean Operations on open solids
  •  Option to suppress history generation to speed up Boolean Operations
  •  Option to simplify the result of Boolean Operation
  •  Possibility to calculate surface and volume properties of shapes with triangulation-only geometry
  •  A new interface for fetching finite part of infinite box in BRepBndLib
  •  New “constant throat” modes of chamfer creation
  •  Removal of API for old Boolean Operations


  •  Improved support of embedded Linux platforms
  •  Selection performance improvement
  •  Support of clipping planes combinations (clip by box, ¾, etc.)
  •  New class AIS_ViewController converting user input (mouse, touchscreen) to camera manipulations
  •  Improved font management
  •  Improved tools for visualization performance analysis
  •  Option to display the outline of shaded objects
  •  Option to exclude seam edges from Wireframe display
  •  Option to display shrunk mesh presentation
  •  Possibility to show shapes with dynamic textures (video)
  •  Support of encoded bitmap image reading from memory buffer
  •  Removal of the deprecated Local Context functionality from AIS
  •  Removed dependency from gl2ps (relying on deprecated OpenGL functionality)

Data Exchange

  •  New tools to import mesh data from glTF 2.0 and OBJ formats
  •  Support of some non-ASCII encodings in STEP import
  •  Support of XDE data (assembly structure, colors, names) in export to VRML

Draw Test Harness

  •  Improved 3D Viewer camera manipulations
  •  Fixed issues with starting Draw Harness from batch scripts
  •  Improved support of running Draw Harness in environment without CASROOT


  •  Improved performance of built-in parallelization routines (OSD_Parallel)
  •  Tools for convenient and efficient traverse of BVH structures
  •  Optimization of TPrsStd_AISPresentation attribute
  •  Sample of 3D Viewer integration in glfw application

Detailed information about this release is available in Release Notes (PDF).

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