Whenever we create a step “User Decision”  and provide with our own options like approve or reject, the work item would appear as follows: 

As marked in green in the above screenshot, the description available in the work item is a default one provided by SAP. In case we need to add our own text, do the following:

1. Identify the task being used in the step “User Decision”.

In the step “User Decision”, click on the tab “Control”:

In the tab “Control”, the standard task that is being used is displayed. In this case, the standard task that is being used is “TS00008267”. 

2. Go to transaction PFTC_COP to copy the standard task. Select “Standard task” in the task type and enter the task number (without the prefix “TS”) in the “Task”.

Click on “Copy task”. 

3. Enter the abbreviation and the name as required.

Click on “Copy Task”. 

4. Enter the package name as required.

5. A new task would be created. Please note the task number that is created now.

6. To change the task description, you can use the transaction PFTC.

7. Now go back to workflow definition, transaction SWDD.

8. Click on “User decision” and then click on the tab “Control”.

9. Here replace the standard task number with the custom task created above.

10. Do the agent assignment and generate the same. 

It is always advisable not to change any of the standard texts. The change would reflect in all the workflow definitions the task is being used.

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