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Upgrade Stages
For Phase 1 – SAP Upgrade, the enhanced ASAP
methodology is used. Below are the high-level
steps to be completed for a successful upgrade.
Stage 1 – Project Preparation
• Determine Upgrade Project Organization –structure, roles, people
• Define Project Procedures –documentation, monitoring, issue resolution
• Technical Requirements Planning –hardware, software, tools
• Upgrade Preparation
• hardware/software requirements
• detailed technical upgrade plan - minimize down-time
• contingency
Stage 2 – Business Blueprint
• Identify Functionality Enhancements
• Identify and document new/modified business scenarios
• Prioritize and select enhancements for
Phase 1
• Identify Technical Objects
• Prepare Technical Objects inventory
• Identify Usage of Technical Objects
• Identify strategy for Technical Objects
• Identify Impact of Upgrade on Technical Objects
• Identify Archiving parameters
• Review scope / Prepare firm estimate for subsequent stages
• Set-up Off-site Development Environment

Stage 3 – Realization
• Upgrade and Test Development System (DEV)
• Perform DEV System Upgrade
• Perform Upgrade of Technical Objects
• Archival of data in DEV System
• Configure new / changed processes
• Perform Integration Testing in DEV
• Develop Quality Assurance System (QAS)
• Install Hardware and Software for QAS
• Repeat Technical Upgrade Steps
• Import changes from DEV system
• Test QAS
• Set up and Test Connectivity
Stage 4 – Final Preparation
• Adapt End User Materials
• Perform End User Training
• Put Contingency Plan in Place
• Take Production System Backup
Stage 5 – Go Live and Support
• Transport Production System to Off-site
• Production system upgrade
• Repeat technical upgrade steps
• Import corrections from upgraded QA system
• Archive application data
• Post-upgrade support

Summary of Project Deliverables
The main deliverables DynPro will produce or contribute to at each stage of the Upgrade process are listed:
Initial Project Plan
Project Standards and Procedures
Technical System Architecture Document
Project Kick-Off Meeting
Business Blueprint
Development System
Environment Installation
Business Blueprint Document, including
Enhancements – Wish List, and scope
for Phase 1
Custom Technical Objects Inventory – with
upgrade strategy
Requirements for Additional Development
Archiving Specifications
Committed implementation Plan and Cost
Updated Project Plan
Configuration of SAP and Enhancements
Development of Agreed Additional
Security Set-Up
Test Plans and Scenarios
Converted Technical Objects
Quality System Environment Installation
Integration Test
Re-updated Project Plan
Support Team Documentation
Support Team Training
Cut-Over Plans
Production System Environment Installation
Upgrade of Production System
Production Support
Project Evaluation

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