Below ABAP Syntax is ABAP Inner Join example.


* ASSUMPTION: All quantities are in sales units. Since quantities

* are summed to the material group level, it is assumed that all

* materials within a material group have the same sales unit of

* measure.

  select a~kunag a~vbeln a~fkdat a~bukrs a~vbtyp

         b~matkl b~matnr b~arktx b~fkimg b~kzwi2 b~wavwr



     into corresponding fields of table replines

        from vbrk as a

          inner join vbrp as b

             on a~vbeln = b~vbeln

          inner join kna1 as c

             on a~kunag = c~kunnr

          left outer join knvp as d

             on a~kunag = d~kunnr and

                a~vkorg = d~vkorg and

                a~vtweg = d~vtweg and

                d~spart = ‘71′ and

                d~parvw = ‘CO’ and

                d~parza = ‘000′

          where a~vkorg = ‘7100′ and

                a~vbtyp in r_vtyp and

                a~fkdat in s_date and

                a~kunag in s_cust and

                b~matkl in s_mgrp and

                b~autyp in r_atyp.


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