# 1 . What are the 2 boxes in your system for coding for Abap and their logins?

Development System  &  IDES/Sandbox

# 2.  If I get a problem on a report in Production server how can I modify the report.

If the problem in production server we have to alter the program in Developemnt Client and transport it to QA client  Test it throughly and then Transport it to Production.

# 3. Tell me about Tokens.

Tokens are Issues sent by the Client to us.

#4 .How to Fix the bugs and where you will do those things.

It Actuall Depends what kind of bugs they asked about:
If it is a problem in Program, then we alter them in the SE38 (Develpment) and transport it after testing to Prd Server.

#5. What is a sandboxes.

SAND BOX is nothing but a test client other than Develpment Client or QA.

#6.How to conncet the from ur office to  clinet in US.

It will be configured by the BASIS guys..

In the sap logon pad they will enter the application server id and Routing String and the SERver type in  the Sytem Number....
with that we will connect

#7.Tell me about VPN and the connections.

Its a another way to connect to other PC. its a 3rd  party utility....

#8. How to login ur system.

Thru SAP Logon enter the client number ,user id & password. 

#9 .What is the purpose of SE14.

Database Utility to perform table maintenance such as deleting the table or adjusting the table when there is a structure change.

#10 .What is the purpose of SM30.

SM30 is a table Maintanance for the Ztable Created by us.

#11.In Data dictionary in the table creation,What is the purpose of Technical settings.

To identify the Size of the Table Created and to Set whether buffering needs to be done for the table or not.

#12. What is the purpose of buffering in technical settings and for what type of tables are using buffering.

It will reduce the Network tarffic but disadvantage is it will not update the Server back immediately.

#13. In  reporting tell me all the events in a sequentail order.

- Initialization.
- At Selection-Screen 
- Start-of-Selection.
- Top-of-Page.
- At Pfn.
- End-of-Page.
- End-of-Selection.

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