How to execute a program step by step on the abap editor?

This is known as Testing and Debugging ABAP Codes, Functions

What are dml statements in sap?

Ans: Insert, Update, Delete.

What is the difference between open sql & native sql?

Ans: Open SQL allows you to access all database tables known to the SAP system, regardless of the database manufacturer. Sometimes, however, we may want to use database-specific SQL statements called Native SQL in your ABAP/4 program.
To avoid incompatibilities between different database tables and also to make ABAP/4 programs independent of the database system in use, SAP has created a set of separate SQL statements called Open SQL. Open SQL contains a subset of standard SQL statements as well as some enhancements which are specific to SAP.
A database interface translates SAP's Open SQL statements into SQL commands specific to the database in use. Native SQL statements access the database directly

What is Primary key, foreign key ? what is primary index? secondary index?

Ans: Primary index: the primary index contains key fiels of a table and a pointer to non-key fields of the table. The primary index is created automatically when a table is created in database and moreover you can further define reference to the primary index which are known as Secondary index.

How many indexes can be created for a table?

Ans: 9.

What is data class?

Ans: The data class specifies in which table space the table is created in database.

Give few names of cluster tables in sap?

Ans: sorry i dont know

Give few names of pooled tables in sap?

Ans: A pool table has many to one relation with the table in the database. For one table in the database there are many tables in the dictionary. Tha table in the database has a diff name than in the table in the data dict, it has diff no of fields and field names are different. A pooled table is stored in the pool at the database level. A table pool is a databse table with a special struct that enables the data of many R3 tables to be stored in it. It can hold only pooled tables. 
Sorry I dont know table names

Give few names of transparent tables?

Ans: A transparent table has a one to one relataionship in the database. The table in the dictionary has the same name, same no of fields, and the fields have the same name as in the R3 table defn. A transparent tabel has application data (Master and Transaction). sorry i dont know table names

What is a buffer and how many types?

Ans: Buffer is othing but which stores data temporarily. there are two types of buffers. they are Roll and Page areas.
Pages : it stores the application data.
Roll area: it stores the data of previous pages.Data areas of used programs are created in roll areas for each internal session.

What is table maintenance generator and how to create that? What is the transaction code?

Ans: Table maintanence generator is nothing but  making a table available for adding records and deleting records.
The transaction code used is SM30.

How to add new fields to a standard sap table?

Ans:   1. Appended structures      2. Customizing tables

What are lock objects?

Ans: Lock objects are nothing but which holds a data for particular field value until you remove a lock..

Diff betwn inner & outer join?


What is the use of start-of-selection event?

Ans: Start-of-selection is called implicity even it is not used in the program. start-of-selection is triggered after the standard selection screen has been displayed.

What is the difference between end-of-page and end-of-selection?

Ans: End-of-page : is footer of the page.  End-of-selection: is triggered At the end of the processing block.

If you write a write statement after end-of-selection, will that be triggered?

Ans: Yes

How to create a button in selection screen?

Ans: Using parametres

How to add a gui status in a selection screen?

Ans: sorry i dont know i thik using set pf.

How to create a check box/option button in a list?

Ans: Regarding Runtime creation of Check Boxes

Can you call a bdc program from a report? how?

Ans: Yes through Submit and return

Can you call a transaction from a report? how?

Ans: Yes Using Call transaction and leave to.

What are ALV reports? how they are different from normal reports?
Ans: these reports are used to find subtotals and totals in a report. If you want i'll give you an example program

What are the main events that are used in an ALV report?
Ans: sorry i dont know

What is the use of SLIS type pool in alv reports?

Ans: Slis type pool is a global defination of pooltypes of catalog structure, table and layout which we use in ALV reports

Difference between top-of-page and top-of-page during at-line- selection?

Ans: Top-of-page is a header on primary list.  Top-of-page during line-selection is a header on secondary lists

In an interactive report, after going to 5th list, can you come back to 2nd list? how?

How many type of internal tables are there?

Ans: Standard, Hashed, Sorted tables

What is the difference between hashed & sorted internal tables?

Ans: Sorted internal table works on Binary Search and Hashed internal tables works on hashed alogorthim through indexes.

What is the difference between standard and sorted internal tables? (in performance wise)

Ans:  Sorted table improve the performance in case of a huge table which has no: of records

What is the use of at new statement?

Ans:sorry i dont know

When do you need to create an internal table with header line? and with out a header line? line?

Ans: If we don't want to use any explicit work area then its better to go for an internal table with header line.

What does it mean occurs 0 while creating an internal table?

Ans: sorry i dont know

Which of these methods can be best used in background process?

Ans : Batch Input method.

What is direct input method?

What does an EXEC SQL stmt do in ABAP? What is the disadvantage of using it?

Ans: Exec Sql[Performing <sql]
        [Native sql statements]
        The above is the syntax for the native sql statements.


    . Syntax check is not done to statements written inside the EXEC SQL statements.

What is the meaning of ABAP/4 editor integrated with ABAP/4 data dictionary?

What transactions do you use for data analysis?

ANs: Sorry i dont know but for runtime analysis we use transaction code : se30.

What are selection texts?

Ans: in the selection screen you can change the name of the field,title etc using selection texts. go to text--> text elemets---> selection texts in the menu bar to set selection texts.

What is the client concept in SAP? What is the meaning of client independent?

How to find the return code of a statement in ABAP programs?

Ans: Through functions.

What is performance tuning?

Ans: Performance tuning for Data Selection Statement

What are steps you follow to improve the performance of a report?

Ans: 1) USe select fields statements (not select *)
        2) Use views rather than tables
        3) Don't use nested Select.

What is the role of secondary index in performance?

Ans: sorry i dont know

What is the role of ST05 in performance tuning?

Ans: SQL trace

What is the role of extended syntax check in performance tuning?

Ans: sorry i dont know

Will join conditions in sql queries affect perfomance? how?

Ans : Yes

Will sorted internal tables help in performance?

Ans: Yes

Will where conditions in a sql query help improve performance?

Ans: No Not at all

Does select single *.. / select * .. affect performance? how?

Ans: Select single we use for first hit of the record. so obviously Select single will improve the performance.    *-- Mahesh

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