You can find header data in both form and style maintenance. In style maintenance, it is used primarily to present important information – information designed to make it easier for the end user to select a style. The header data in form maintenance, on the other hand, is used for information and control purposes. For this reason, the header data of a form will be described in more detail. 

Below, the header data is described as it appears in the alphanumeric Form Painter.

Like the header data of a style, the header data of a form comprises two parts: the data set by the system and the data you are expected to enter. The latter is dealt with separately.

·         Device-independent entries.

·         Description

A short explanatory description of the form (also applies to the style), designed to make selection easier for the end user.

·         Form class

You can assign a form to a class to help you organize and search for forms. The default set of classes is the set of program classes in your system.

·         Start page

Tells the print program which page format in a form to use first for printing.

·         Default paragraph

Paragraph set to * in standard text maintenance.

·         Tab stop

A grid set at specified intervals in all windows defined in the form. However, you should note that the tab stops are only valid in paragraphs where you have not defined your own tabs.

·         Language, Original language, Translation applic

Use these fields to record the master language and language of the current version of a form. Marking Translation applic makes the form accessible for translation from the SAP System’s translation tools (transaction SE63).

·         Device-dependent entries.

You can only enter values here that are supported in the R/3 printer definition. If you make other entries, this leads to errors in the check routine.

·         Page format

Determined from the spool administration table with transaction SPAD. Make sure there is a printer assignment – there must be an additional spool format for the printer with the same page format.

·         Orientation

Depends on the page format selected. This can also be determined from the spool administration table. Please note that the formats landscape and portrait are not supported by all printers.

·         Lines per inch (LPI)

Basis for converting the unit of measurement LN in style and form maintenance. The value 6.00 is set by the system, as this value is supported by all printers.

·         Characters per inch (CPI)

Basis for converting the unit of measurement CH in style and form maintenance. The value 10.00 is set by the system, as this value is supported by all printers.

·         Font attributes

With these fields, you can set the default font for a form. The default font applies if other objects do not specify a font. SAPscript suggests a default font, which you can change.

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