Irrlicht 1.0 released

Apr-19-2006 Irrlicht 1.0 released

I just released Irrlicht version 1.0. It includes some few new features and bugfixes since the last release and has been carefully tested. Some of the new features are:

  • Enhanced software rasterizer: 32 bit rendering, dynamic lights, more materials (Thx to Thomas Alten!).
  • Support for the Code::Blocks IDE
  • Microsoft .dll hell awareness (no more abort and 'd3dx9_xx.dll not found' messages), Irrlicht will also operate if some of these dlls can not be loaded.
  • Better support for orthogonal rendering and drawing to foreign windows, useful for creating 2D games, editors and 3D tools using Irrlicht.
  • Improved Irrlicht.NET (root scene node, view frustrums, bounding boxes, ...)
  • More precise picking
  • gcc 4 support
  • Bugfixes, other small implemented feature requests

For a complete list, please take a look at the changes.txt file. Happy downloading. I'm quite happy to get this release out, and also wrote down a small summary of the development of Irrlicht until now, why Irrlicht 1.0 has been released now, and what will be done in the future, on my blog.

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