How to print colored output on the terminal

Procuding colored output on the terminal is very intersting stuff. We produce colored output using escape sequences.

Color codes are used to represent each color. For example, reset=0, black=30, red=31, green=32, yellow=33, blue=34, magenta=35, cyan=36, and white=37.
In order to print colored text, enter the following:
echo -e "e[1;31m This is red text e[0m"
Here e[1;31 is the escape string that sets the color to red and e[0m resets the color back.
Replace 31 with the required color code.
For a colored background, reset=0, black=40, red=41, green=42, yellow=43, blue=44, magenta=45, cyan=46, and white=47, are the color code that are commonly used.
In order to print a colored background, enter the following:
echo -e "e[1;42m Green Background e[0m"
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