Book Review: PowerShell 3.0 Advanced Administration Handbook

Recently I read a book, PowerShell 3.0 Advanced Administration Handbook, which I found really worthy of recommending. Actually, I think this is a good book for enterprise IT administrators, IT professionals, and all kinds of PowerShell users. It gives you a comprehensive view on the v3.0 of Windows PowerShell, which is more powerful in functionalities and more user-friendly than v2 in both console and ISE.

This book not only introduces the new features and capabilities in PowerShell 3.0, but also offered a systematic knowledge learning for advanced Windows PowerShell usage. It is actually a good teacher for experienced users to go further in PowerShell study, and passingly learn what they can utilize in the new version of PowerShell. I think it can also be a good choice for novices, because the first chapter explained PowerShell basics in detail, like syntax and grammar, and also offered guidance on how to write effective scripts and use them, etc.

As for me, I think the second chapter is impressive. It talks about how to develop, debug, and play with snap-ins, which can be very helpful to IT Pros. This is something advanced, and which many other books do not even mention. And also, this book talks about how to use PowerShell to simplify and automate IT management tasks, and it gives lots of practical sample codes, which you can use directly, and stimulate your inspiration on how to write efficient codes.

What's more, this book introduced PowerShell for System Center, for unified communication environment, for VDI, and for cloud platform as well. I guess you have already foreseen this trend that Microsoft is integrating PowerShell into its entire product line for enterprises, and the traditional CMD is fading out. Therefore, this book can be your good assistant in learning something new.

Well, so much for this, and if you have interest in PowerShell, just take a look at or

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