best way to get something done at work

What's the best way to get something done at work? Do it on a Tuesday. More than half of executives polled by Robert Half International said employees hit their peak performance on Tuesdays.

Unfortunately, not every day is Tuesday. But you can plan your week to maximize your productivity on this day -- and the other four. Consider the following schedule. While the nature of your job or your own personal preference might prevent you from following it to the letter, giving your workweek at least some structure can prove highly beneficial.

Make a plan on Monday. When you arrive at work Monday morning, chances are you are still transitioning from weekend to workweek. Mondays also are frequently filled with meetings, and that can decrease the amount of time you have to devote to your regular tasks. Since this may not be your most productive day, use it to set the stage for the rest of your week. Take some time to develop a to-do list and prioritize your projects for the days ahead.

Time to get movin' on Tuesday. This day provides you with an opportunity to focus your efforts and establish momentum for the rest of your week -- it's also the day to begin projects that will require extended concentration. Try to arrange your time so you have few interruptions or meetings; changing gears frequently hurts your productivity. Along the same lines, try to cluster projects that require similar resources for even more efficiency.

Reassess your week on Wednesday. The middle of the week provides an opportunity for you to figure out where you're at and what still needs to be done. Think about what you can reasonably accomplish the rest of the week and if any of your planned tasks need to be pushed to the following week due to emergency projects or unforeseen hurdles. Make any necessary adjustments so you can get back on track.
Think about a break on Thursday. Use Thursday as a day to reward yourself for your hard work throughout the week and to prepare for the final pre-weekend push. You might plan a lunch away from the office or arrange to take a walk with a colleague to re-energize. Alternatively, if you've been working long hours, this might be the day you leave the office a bit earlier than normal.

Be flexible on Friday. As much as possible, try to pad your week's schedule so you have the flexibility on Friday to wrap up tasks you weren't able to accomplish during the week. Also spend some time organizing your desk, paper files and e-mails. Making sure things are neat and in order when you come into the office on Monday will help make your weekend less stressful and ensure you don't return to a chaotic mess.

It's natural for activity levels to fluctuate throughout the course of a week. By learning to identify your normal peaks and valleys when it comes to productivity, you can make the most of your workweek, no matter what schedule you follow.

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