The Day's Phrase I

When I first met Samantha, I knew that we would be kindred spirits. We were both interested in the same music, food and movies.


My English professor, Mr. Thomas, would bore the pants off all his students by giving them long lectures about dead authors.


David is so full of hot air; all he does is brag about himself.


He has been hiding from the police ever since they placed a price on his head.


When I caught my first fish, I couldn't stand to kill it. I had a change of heart and put it back in the water.


If you can't find anything in the latest issue of a magazine, you should look in a back issue.


When my town had a baby boom, the hospitals were all full of pregnant women and the doctors got tired.


Chris disagrees that all's fair in love and war. He never changes his rules even if it would make life easier.


After I became an English teacher, I felt like I had answered my calling. I love the job and I'm good at it.


Even though Rachel and I normally disagree, for this job we have to work hand in hand.


Don't talk about the king like that! Don't you know that even the walls have ears?


My boss has been so tense recently that whenever I am around him, I must walk on eggshells.


As soon as I saw Bethany, I fell under her spell. She is so beautiful that whenever she tells me something to do, I will do it.


"Two's company, three's a crowd," Joe muttered as he left Zachary and his girlfriend.


When going to a new country I try to avoid the tourist traps. I prefer to see the locals the way they normally are.


When Dad told us that we didn't have much money, none of us were surprised. We had been feeling the pinch for months.


I wish you wouldn't play up your small injuries. You act like you are going to die.


You look like you've been thinking a lot. A penny for your thoughts.


Mrs. Smith is on the warpath. We broke her window and she started yelling at us.


Jeff is always on the run from the police. If he wouldn't do bad things he wouldn't have to hide.


All the rich girls in this school are best friends with each other. I guess birds of a feather really do flock together.


We expected a perfectly normal wedding until the groom left the bride at the altar. We waited for an hour but he never came.


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